Internet History Tracking App For Phone & Computer

internet browsing history tracking

The Internet has become a wild beast, and it has got a presence on everyone’s phones, tablets, and computer devices no time ever before.

Young teens are the most affected community on earth due to cyberspace access on digital devices.

They have developed a habit of spending too much time on cell phones and computer browsers to surf social media sites, entertaining websites, adult sites, and many more.

Mainly, internet Wi-Fi connections happen to the deadliest for teens, and parents are helpless to know about internet history due to their busy schedules.

Parents mostly ask questions that how we stop or track teens from risky activities on the Internet.

The best possible way for parents is to spy on the cellphones and PCs connected to cyberspace. Moreover, guide your teens about the use of cyberspace properly.

Parents can make sure teens are not surfing risky web browsing activities using internet history monitoring apps.

It empowers parents to stop kids from unwanted cyberspace access and browsing by tracking internet browsing history on cellphones and computer devices.

What Is Internet History Tracking Software?

Internet history monitoring software is one of the best spy tools of the monitoring app. for cellphones and PCS.

It empowers you to access the target device browser connected to the web and get browsing history. Users can track visited websites and bookmarked pages secretly.

Users can also monitor the time stamp of every website with names and URLs. It is one of the best monitoring app for android phones, windows, and Mac computer devices.

Why Is Internet History Tracking Necessary?

We know that most of the activities we do on cell phones and computers create a browsing data history on your device browsers.

Suppose you have visited a website and you want to see your browsing history. You will access the internet history of the browsers to know what activities you have performed earlier.

The browsing history will show you every page you have visited of a website with a time stamp.

Further, get access to unique URLs. For Parents and employers, internet history monitoring has become necessary.

It safeguards kids from inappropriate activities and prevents wasting during working hours respectively.

Let’s get to know who wants to monitor and track browsing history on digital devices, like cell phones, tablets, and computers.

Why Do Parents Want To Monitor And Track Internet History?

There are several legitimate reasons that parents need to spy browsing history and internet activity on kid’s cell phones and PCs connected to the Internet. Young teen’s privacy in the digital age is necessary.

They are exposing it using the Internet on their devices secretly. Moreover, parents have to block X-rated websites on digital devices to stop their exposure to inappropriate material running on the Internet.

Following are kids’ activities that have forced parents to monitor teens’ internet history to the fullest.

Browsing Of Adult Websites

More than 33% of female teens and 69% of young boys are obsessed with porn websites. Youngsters are more likely to browse adult websites on cellphones and laptop computer devices secretly from parents.

They become addicted to it and could become victims of sexual predators or become a sex –offender due to regular exposure to nude videos and images.

Exposure To The Online Dating Sites

Online dating is on the rise for a decade. The advancement of technology like phones and computer devices has made teens use online dating websites and applications.

Moreover, messaging apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and many others are handy for teens dating online. Parents can spy on android phones and computers to track internet history to protect and prevent teens from inappropriate activities.

Excessive Screen –Time On Digital Devices

Excessive time on digital devices is on the rise among teens, and parents can monitor it by tracking internet history.

The continuously spending time on a website, web page and social networks would create a browser history in your target device’s browser.

It can get to know the time spent between one browsing activity and another by watching the time stamp.

Bookmarked Webpages

Young kids are more likely to bookmark web pages frequently on cell phones or computer devices.

They bookmark webpages of social media sites, adult sites, online gaming, and many more.

So, parents can monitor and track browsing history with timestamps using the internet history tracking app.

Addiction To Social Messaging Apps

Young teens are obsessed with social media websites, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more.

They spend most of the time on social messaging sites, and parents can track the browsing history on cell phones and computer browsers by using a spy app for cell phones and PCs.

Is An Internet History Tracking App Beneficial For Business?

Business professionals are more likely to log in to the emails back and forth on business phones and computers.

Employers can keep an eye on the internet history of the employees. They can get to know at what time they log in to the customer support emails.

How much time did they spend on it?

It will enable employers how employees are serious in engaging business clients via emails.

Further, employers may get benefits of following things by keeping an eye on employees’ browsing history.

  • Employers can track visited websites of employees on business devices
  • Business professionals can monitor the time-wasting activities of employees
  • Employers can get to know about employee’s login to the email of Gmail
  • Employers can get to know about the communication on social websites

How To Track Internet History On An Android Phone?

Do you want to monitor browsing history on an android mobile device? You can do it no matter if you are doing it for setting parental control on kid’s devices.

Further, track your employees during working hours. Get your hands on android spy software with no root.

It empowers you to spy on any cell phone and tablet device secretly.

OgyMogy cell phone monitoring software is the ultimate and reliable tool to spy on android browsing history.

Things to consider before spying on android internet history:

  • Target cell phone should be compatible with the target device
  • Cell phone spy app should support android OS 11
  • Features rich application that can track every activity on android
  • Remains hidden and undetectable on the target phone
  • Provide real-time results using its online dashboard

How Ogymogy Mobile Tracking Software Works?

Following are the steps to install a phone browsing history tracker on the target device to the fullest.

Step1: Subscribe to OgyMogy android tracking app

Step2: Get physical access on the target cellphone

Step3: Access to the online dashboard 

Activate the powerful and advanced spy tools

Users can use the following tools of android spying software to track internet history to the fullest.

  • Live Screen recorder
  • Screenshots
  • Mobile browsing history
  • View installed applications
  • Keystrokes
  • Social media spy

And many more……..!

How To Monitor Internet Browsing History On Computers?

OgyMogy computer monitoring app is the best tracking software to keep an eye on the target device browsing activities.

The application is pack with plenty of features that let you know about the live internet history on windows and mac computer devices installed browsers to the fullest.

It is compatible with laptop and desktop devices running with Windows and MAC OS computers.

Top Features for tracking computer browsing history:

  • On-demand screenshots
  • Live screen recording
  • Browsing history
  • Keylogger for computer
  • Activity reports
  • Email monitoring

Note: Parents and employers can remotely block inappropriate websites on target mac and windows PCs connected to the Internet using its website blocking feature.


OgyMogy is the best browsing history tracking software that enables parents to set parental control and employers to keep an eye on employee’s activities during working hours to the fullest.