Track internet browsing history with internet history tracking app

Monitor internet browsing history on android smartphones and tablet devices having remote access to the target device installed web browsers. You can get complete details of visited websites and further bookmarks of webpages on the cellphone browser. You can get the timestamp of every single browsed site. All you can do that with the Android spy software online control panel.

Internet Browsing History

Browsing history tracker designed for:

For Parental perspective:

Parents are welcome to do surveillance on kids and teens android digital devices to set parental control for their online safety. Internet browsing history spy software enables you to know what sort of websites they used to visit on cellphone web browsers. You can remove suspicions or get to know the truth if they are visiting adult or inappropriate websites on their mobile and tablets with the timestamp. Parents can stay updated all the time and can take evasive actions something inappropriate having complete information about browsing activities of juveniles.

Browsing History Parental

Browsing History Business

For Business perspective:

Employers got worried when employees use digital devices of the company for entertaining purposes and waste a couple of hours visiting different websites regularly. Ultimately, employers have to face a lack of productivity and losses and still employees get paid. Android monitoring app has come up with an internet browsing history tool that tracks all the activities employees perform on the browsers with a complete time stamp. Now make the time goldbrickers accountable before it’s too late.

OgyMogy internet history monitoring app enables you to:

  • Spy on browsers installed on android phones & tablets
  • Track all the websites visited on target cellphone
  • View the bookmarks remotely
  • Get to know about visited adult websites on teen’s android
  • Monitor time wasting websites of employees to filter it