Track sent/received Gmail on Android using Email monitoring software

Keep tracking your email accounts on business android devices, and don’t let any employee breach your intellectual property via email. You can use the Email tracking app on a target android device and monitor the content and context of the email of Gmail to the fullest. Employers can keep an eye on every email sent to the customers with the schedule.

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email monitoring

Email Monitoring -Unique Tracking App to monitor sent/received Email

Email monitoring is an OgyMogy unique feature that enables you to get access to the incoming and outgoing emails on the target cell phone device. It empowers you to read the content of the Gmail, attachment files, spam, primary, promotional and social mails on the device using email tracking software. It further empowers you to whom the user is sending or receiving electronic mails with a complete time stamp. Moreover, users can get access to the drafts and important mails sent/received on an android device.

email monitoring

OgyMogy Email monitoring app designed for:

For Parental perspective:

Normally email tracking does not suggest for parental control perspective, because young kids and teens don’t use it for communication purposes. However, when it comes to the use of instant messaging apps and cell phone browsers youngsters use their electronic mails address. So, parents should keep an eye on their electronic mails, because it will provide you complete details of their activities on social media, browsing activities and plenty of other activities alike. So, Parents can track on Gmail of children with Gmail to know their behavior on the web and social digital world. Ultimately, parents can make sure kids' safety to the fullest.

email monitoring Parental

email monitoring Business

For Business perspective:

Business organizations believe in Gmail marketing and they attract and update many customers via E-mail. However, it benefits a lot to the business firms, but at the same time, a single mail online can disturb, remove, and hack data of your devices. Moreover, single electronic mail can leak out all of your confidential information to third parties. So, employers have to remain careful about incoming and outgoing mails from employees' Gmail account. You can do surveillance on employees' Gmail accounts with email tracking software on employees' company’s owned devices. It empowers you to read sent/received electronic mails, attachments, social, primary and promotional mails with a timestamp. It means you can make sure your business is safe and secure to the fullest.

Email monitoring software enables you to:

  • Get to know attached files with sent/received E-mails
  • Remotely get access to the target device incoming & outgoing mails
  • Monitor your teen’s social media & browsing activities by Tracking Gmail account
  • Read teens sent, received, spam, drafted, primary & social E-mails
  • Get to know to whom employees are sending mails on business devices
  • Get to know form whom employees have received mails

Android Monitoring App Features that should to be at your disposal for the sake of kids & business safety

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