What Parents Know About Bigo Live Streaming App

Bigo Live Streaming App

Do you know? What should parents know about live streaming and broadcasting apps like Bigo Live? Live streaming has become popular over the years, and many social applications are available on the web these days.

Social networking apps like TikTok, Instagram reels, and many other video-based streaming apps are more accepted among teens. Bigo Live streaming App is one of the few lesser-known apps compared to the mighty social messaging apps, but apps like Bigo are potentially risky and harmful for teens.

 Therefore, parents should set parental control on live broadcasting apps to prevent teens from, privacy breaching, and online dangers.

Bigo Live is a video streaming app based in Singapore and owned by a Chinese company. Video streaming app categorizes their content into two forms. One is online gaming, and the second one is “Showbiz”. Young teens love to play online games and are more likely to fall into live streaming. We have read a moral lesson “Greed is a curse”.

Teens have become greedy, and they are using live video streaming apps to make easy money. They never feel shy to expose themselves by sharing nude videos to strangers on Bigo Live app. The more teens get likes and views, the more the teens will get beans (Bigo Live online currency. Teens can convert 210 beans into dollars by doing virtual stripping in front of the whole world.

The live broadcasting apps lack parental control and encourage young tweens to make money online. Young teens are more likely not to have the skills to produce content full of humor, but an easy way to collect beans by sharing live nudes.

Young teens want to become internet sensations, and stripping in front of cell phone cameras provides an easy way to get the views, likes, and beans to convert into money. So, Bigo Live App is a potentially risky app for teens and tweens. So, parents need to supervise video sharing application for teen’s safety.

Top 5 Reasons For Parents To Monitor Bigo Live Streaming App

Here are the following dangers are associated with Bigo Live for teens that parents should know about it. They have to use a spy app on kids’ cell phone devices to monitor live video streaming applications to watch the live inappropriate activity of teens 24/7.

Teens getting groomed sexually:

The application has a dark side and allows online predators like stalkers, sexual predators to comment and chat in person with teens on Bigo live. They can sexually groom teens and ask for nudes by appreciating their body postures. Teens who want to collect more beans to make easy money would somehow agree to strip online in front of millions.

Online Bullies target teens:               

Cyberbullying is one of the issues on live video streaming apps. They can do body-shaming and use abusive language on teens’ inappropriate online behavior. They can record live stripping of teens that they are doing via the streaming application and share them on other social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram.

Sharing of Obscene videos:

Bigo Live app is full of obscene content. Teens are sharing nudes, semi-nudes live videos on live broadcasting apps. They expect viewers to send gifts, beans, and diamonds, the digital currency of streaming applications. Teens would love to convert the beans and diamonds into money. Does the question arise why viewers send teens beans? They will expect something in return, and they are more likely to ask young teens to strip and show their body parts to them.

Equally dangerous for underage male teens:

Young girls stream live on videos streaming applications, and young male minds get triggered.  They make comments and send likes. So, they compete with fellow male teens and send beans in on Bigo Live digital gifts that cost them money. Young boys spend money online on Bigo Live on gifts and ask their favorite online stripper teens to get nude.

Teens don’t bother about consequences:

Young teens obsessed with live video streaming apps like Bigo are on the verge of facing ultimate consequences. They could make a few pennies by sharing nudes online via videos streaming applications. They would know as online sluts, and their videos become viral, and their parents could face embarrassment. They secretly share nudes online without letting parents know about it. Young teens are becoming online strippers like adults strip in bars and pubs.

Can parents monitor Bigo Live video sharing app on teen’s phone?

Yes, best phone monitoring app lets you spy on smartphones devices active with the Bigo Live videos streaming app. You need to get your hands on the best phone spying software on the target device active with the live broadcasting social app.

You can monitor and record the live activities of the teens on Bigo live app using the powerful features of phone monitoring software. You can view installed applications and read the name of the video streaming application.

Moreover, you can use the powerful tools of phone spy software to know what your teens are doing and share on live video streaming app. Users can use live screen recording, keystrokes logging, and schedule plenty of screenshots to spy on Bigo live.

OgyMogy is one of the best phone spy apps that offer parental control services to parents to view what teens are doing on live streaming apps (Bigo Live, TikTok, and many more). You can install the best phone monitoring solution on your teen’s phone and activate features that provide you a real-time update about activity on the target cell phone device.

You can safeguard teens from strangers and from sharing nudes, and semi-nude photos, and videos. You can listen to the surroundings of the target mobile device to record and listen to the voice chats, sounds, and conversations.

Steps To Install The OgyMogy Spy App

Here are the following steps that you need to follow to configure android spy software on teens’ phones. It will monitor every activity on video streaming apps.

Step1: Get OgyMogy License

You can visit the best the phone monitoring software (OgyMogy) official webpage and get the license. You will receive credentials via email.

Step2: Take the target device into your hands

Physical access on the phone is necessary to configure the spyware on the android phone. Moreover, you can activate the application on the target device.

Step3: Activate online dashboard

Users can use the password and ID to activate the online dashboard and you can use the powerful tools that keep parents updated about teens’ activity on the live streaming app.

Step4: Use spy app features to monitor Bigo Live

  • Screen recorder
  • Screenshots
  • Keystrokes logging

You can use the live screen recording feature on the target device active with the video streaming application. It can record back-to-back short videos of the screen and send them to the dashboard. Parents can view recorded videos of the target mobile screen.

Parents can get to know what teens are doing on Bigo live application, and you can prevent teens from sharing nudes online. Users can also capture multiple screenshots on the target phone to know teen’s activities on live broadcasting apps. Parents can also read and capture keystrokes applied in chats, conversations.

OgyMogy other features to spy on cell phone:


OgyMogy is one of the best spy solutions for phones that you can install on cell phone devices. Parents can access teens’ phones and supervise activities. You can monitor the real-time video streaming of teens on live-streaming apps like Bigo live app.  You can prevent teens from sharing nudes on live video streaming applications and monitor calls, messages, chats, social media, and GPS location.