How Can I Track Someone’s Whatsapp Activity?

track someone whatsapp activity

Do you want to track someone’s WhatsApp activity? We can understand that technology has made us so dependent no time ever before. Everyone loves to spend hours and hours on smartphones connected to cyberspace. We used to save data into cell phones and download social networks and instant messaging apps. In this post, we discuss how to track someone’s WhatsApp activity.

Before we discuss methods of WhatsApp tracking on someone’s phone, you need to know about the top legitimate reasons.

Reasons To Track Someone's Whatsapp On Cellphones

Here are the following reasons everyone should know why to monitor and track WhatsApp messages, chats, media files, VoIP calls recording, and voice messages activity.

Parents Want To Read Kid's Text Messages & Chat

Parents want to monitor children 24/7 these days. The very first thing they want to spy on kid’s WhatsApp activity. Parents wish to read the text messages and chats conversations on smartphones active with instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and many more.

They can use the WhatsApp spy app to read kid’s messages. They want to protect kids from online predators, adult group links, and sexting. Young teens also breach their privacy while talking in group chats on the instant messaging app. Social media monitoring has become necessary for parents to keep tabs on their kids on a messaging app.

Bosses Want To Track Whatsapp On Business Devices

Bosses are desperate for WhatsApp tracking of their employees on business-owned cellphones and tablet devices. They want to keep an eye on every conversation they have made on social networks and every media file or document they have sent to someone on the social messaging app. Messaging app could make an employee leak business intellectual property within few clicks. So, employers must monitor track WhatsApp on business-owned devices.

Individuals Whatsapp Tracking We Need To Know

People also used to track someone’s WhatsApp with consent for many other reasons like old parents, young siblings, and people who want to protect the data of the social messaging app. You may want to monitor your loved ones to protect them from inappropriate and unethical activities.

Is It Possible To Track Someone's Whatsapp Without A Target Phone?

There are dozens of solution that claims to monitor social messaging apps without target phone. Seemingly, it is impossible to do that via black hat hackers have defined so many hectic ways to track messaging apps without having access to the target android devices.

We suggest that avoid hacking and unethical methods to track messaging apps to breach someone’s privacy. Moreover, you would also encounter free WhatsApp tracking apps on the web that claims to monitor and track instant messaging apps on cell phone devices.

You can get a legitimate and paid solution for spying on WhatsApp with physical access to the target device for one at a time at least. Remote spying without installing the android spy app is not possible yet. However, successful installation of the tracking app on android enable you to monitor someone’s social media activity.

How To Track Someone's Whatsapp Activity On Android?

Yes, you can monitor text messages, chats, media sharing, voice messages, voice video calls, and shared media on someone’s WhatsApp active on android phones. WhatsApp tracking has not been a myth anymore because you can use the WhatsApp spy app to monitor chat messages and many other activities on target android phones.

What Do You Consider To Spy On Whatsapp On Android?

  • You need to have the best Android tracking software at your disposal with the following capabilities, and then you will be able to monitor social networks on any cell phone device.
  • It would be best if you had the best-hidden android tracking software
  • The application should work on rooted and non-rooted cell phone devices
  • It remains hidden and undetectable on the target cell phone
  • It should be the tamper-proof solution for android phones to monitor instant messaging
  • The spy app for WhatsApp track activities in real-time and save data to the dashboard

These are the must-have things into your WhatsApp spy solution before using it on your target android phone to read and monitor messages, chats and other activities.

Ogymogy –Best Whatsapp Tracking Software For Android Phones

It is a well-known brand that empowers parents, employers, and many individuals to track someone’s WhatsApp on android.

The application is easy to install and operate via its online dashboard using a login ID and password. It takes a few minutes to upload data of WhatsApp active on android to the web control panel. It is pack with several powerful and advanced phone tracking features that are very result-oriented.

It enables users to track WhatsApp someone’s activity on the target phone without them knowing and sync the social app data to the user’s dashboard. The monitoring software has a traditional and non-traditional set of features that help users to track messaging apps.

Ogymogy: Top-Rated Whatsapp Spy App Features You Need To Know

Here are the following features of the android spy app that empowers you to monitor and track social messaging apps to the fullest. Moreover, you can spy on WhatsApp without rooting the target device.

IM's Chat Spy

You can use social media spy to track WhatsApp logs like messages, chats, voice messages, photos, and video sharing. You can also track voice and video call logs with a schedule.

Screen Recorder

Users can watch what the target person is doing on the android phone screen active with the social networking app. You can activate screen recorder software on an android phone to record back-to-back short videos of the screen and send recorded videos to the dashboard. Users can access the recorded data and watch live activities happening on WhatsApp.


WhatsApp spy app is the best tool for you to capture screenshots on an android phone. It monitors the phone screen running with the messaging app. The tools capture screen images, and you can also schedule multiple screenshots to get more info about the instant messaging apps active on target android phones.

Keystrokes Logger

Android keystrokes logger is the finest tool that captures and records every keystroke your child or employee has used.  You can monitor and read keystrokes in chats, conversations on the social messaging app. It can get chats messages, messenger credentials, and many other types of keystrokes.

View Installed Applications

The WhatsApp spy app is the best way to deliver you a complete list of applications installed on the target phone. You will read the application’s name on the phone and get to know whether messaging app is there or not.

Whatsapp Call Recording

You can record VoIP calls on android active with instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, vine, and many more. You can record voice and video calls on Whatsapp messenger using VoIP call recording software without root.


Do you want to monitor android active with the social networking apps like WhatsApp? You can install the best solutions like OgyMogy to get the job done without facing hassles.