What To Do If Your Child Is A Cyberbully?

what to do if child is cyberbully

Cyberbullying is on the rise since mobile phone technology has made its way to the next level. It happens through using information and communication on the web using phones, PCs, and desktop devices.

When someone intentionally and repeatedly behaves to tease, humiliate, and harass anybody, it is known as cyberbullying. Are you suspicious enough that your child is a cyber-bully? Don’t be nervous, because you are not alone who have got the same feelings.

According to a research

Almost 10 -20% of the students become cyberbullies and real-life bullies at some point in their lives. Some researchers do believe that the ratio could be higher. So, parents could face a cyber-bully in the shape of their kids. So, they are desperately looking forward to preventing kids from becoming a cyber-bully.

Most parents don’t bother to prevent kids from such a curse and do nothing instead of having evidence. The path of denial could put parents into deep trouble, and their kids get going, and their children got behavioral issues.

What Happens When You Leave A Bullied Child Unattended?

A young child that believes in bullying and cyberbullying is left unattended, and then we are sure it will potentially damage your child. Cyberbullying with the victim, witness, and offender would have long-term effects. Several studies show that a bullied child would have anger issues and many other dangerous outcomes.

Youngsters who get involved in any bullying are more likely to start lacking life skills. They cannot compromise, negotiate, and support a mutual environment.

Most young bullies have a criminal record: Finland based study says

  • Almost 60% of boys in middle schools and pre-high school going kids have become bullies. Young bully, in the end, gets involved in major crime by the age of 24.
  • 40% of bully kids have been charged with a minimum of 4 convictions by the age of 24
  • Bully boys at least bully 1, kid once in a week at schoolyards
  • 39% of kids get involved in fighting with other kids

According to research, bullies and cyberbully kids enjoy fighting to gain popularity and then post their fights with another child on the social media platform.

  • Bully boys unable to maintain a relationship with friends, and girlfriend
  • Cyberbully boys often get low grades at school
  • They are more likely to abuse drugs and encourage other kids to do the same

The young bully becomes more brutal as they grow up. Their behavior affects their work, and fellow kids start ignoring them. Bullies are more likely to abuse other kids. In the end, they can abuse partners and family members.

Therefore, parents should look after kids who are bullies, and you can sit with them and teach them to respect everyone’s space and emotions.

5 Ways To Change The Behavior Of Your Cyberbully/ Bully Child

Here are the following ways that help you to change your teens’ or kids’ behavior whatsoever.

1) Keep Your Feelings Separately

Suddenly, when you know that your child is a cyberbully or a bully, it may bring scary feelings. You may become devastated, angry, guilty, and want to make your child a well-behaved person. The first thing you need to do is keep your feelings aside and start talking and working with your child.

2) Sit With Your Child & Have A Conversation

You need to sit with your child and discuss everything you have in your mind. Parents should talk friendly because harsh wording may offend your child, and it could worsen the situation. Your goal is to break your child’s bullying and cyberbullying habits.

You can talk about their behavior, and you can discuss the consequences. Any form of cyberbullying brings issues for your child. Parents can teach their kids cyberbullying is a crime, and law enforcers can send bullies to prison.

Moreover, you can discuss the pain a victim could bear because of your child’s inhuman behavior. Tell your child that he has no right to offend, tease, and humiliate anyone. If your teen or young bully boy denies being a bully, you should come up with pieces of evidence.

3) Restrict The Internet Freedom Of Your Bully Child

Is your child doing cyberbullying on the web, social messaging apps, and social networking websites?

We are sure they will use PCs, computers, and mobile phones, restrict internet privileges. You can block the internet connection on his mobile, block unwanted websites on android & PC, and keep a hidden eye on their activities. Your child would ask you to unblock websites and give him an internet password.  You can make a deal with your teens or kid about what they do not do in cyberspace.

4) Apply Authoritative Parenting Style

You have to become authoritative parents. Parents should make some ground roles and tell their teens and children about the consequences of the violations. Give your child a couple of hours to use phones and PCs in your presence.

When they are out for school, visit their teachers to look after their activities. Parental controls on the web decrease their ability to interact with the people to do cyberbullying. You can encourage your child to do productive activities and take part in extracurricular activities.

The internet restrictions, authoritative parenting, parental controls, and extracurricular activities will mold their behavior and start living a positive life. It may take time, but it will change your child’s behavior.

5) Use Phone Tracker To Take A Look At The Sign Of Retaliation

Mobile tracker helps out parents to keep an eye on your kid’s cell phone activities. It empowers parents to know what kids are doing on social media sites, messaging apps, and social networks. You can catch your bully child if he is doing something inappropriate online.

You can read conversations, sent and received messages, shared photos, videos, voice, and video calls. It also tracks GPS location, location history, and prohibited places.

A phone tracker is one of the best tools to catch your child’s behavior by recording the surroundings of teens. It can take over a microphone and record live surroundings.

Further, a cell phone tracker delivers to your online dashboard. It enables parents whether their child has fought with anyone at school or bullied someone in real –life.

Why Phone Tracking App Helpful For Parents To Catch Their Bullied Child?

Cell phone tracker is the most advanced tool that lets you know about your teen’s activities on the web and in real life. Do you think that your child is a cyber-bully or a bully?

You can remove your suspicions by configuring the mobile tracker software on a cell phone. It helps parents in internet monitoring, social media, messaging apps, and what they have posted, shared and sent to another fellow.

Apart from monitoring cyberbullying over the internet, you can watch your teen’s surroundings at schoolyards and in playgrounds. You can reach the place in an emergency by tracking the GPS location of your child.

Therefore, we recommend a phone tracker to all parents who believe that their kids are involved in bullying, cyberbullying, and body shaming, stalking and abusing other kids.