Hack WhatsApp Messenger Account on Android Phone Remotely

Hack WhatsApp Messenger Account on Android Phone Remotely

Do you know how to hack WhatsApp messenger without access to the target phone? It is soothing enough for hackers unless they do it convincingly on any cell phone device.

  • Social networking apps are popular, but WhatsApp has billions of active users.
  • WhatsApp works on several operating systems, like android, iOS, Windows, and MAC. You can send text messages, text conversations, voice calls, voice messages, and share media.
  • A question arises end-to-end encrypted instant messenger seems impossible to hack.
  • Spy apps and many ways can hack social messaging apps, including WhatsApp on phone remotely.

Is Hacking Someone’s WhatsApp Different From WhatsApp Stalking?

WhatsApp hacking is different from WhatsApp stalking. Hacking provides limited but accurate access to target social networks. It would give access to chats, messages, voice calls, and shared videos and photos. Stalking activity on WhatsApp is illegal and intrusive that could breach someone’s privacy. You cannot perform illicit activities but hack messages and chats on WhatsApp.

Why Hack Someone’s WhatsApp Remotely on Another Phone?

People have several reasons to hack WhatsApp accounts on a cellphone. They want to know what the target is doing on a social networking app, like parents, employers, and many individuals. Here are the legitimate reasons to hack WhatsApp account on another phone:

To set remote parental control for kids’ digital well-being

Young kids are more likely to spend hours and hours on social networks, and parents are desperate to access WhatsApp to protect them from stranger danger. WhatsApp adult groups, explicit media sharing, and sexting manipulate teens no time ever before. Teens interact with the sex-offenders and cyber-bullies in group chats with friends of friends. Parents are desperate to read messages, chats, and deleted messages and record VoIP calls on a social networking app. WhatsApp hacking can make it possible for parents to safeguard kids online, and it is necessary to take steps for kids’ digital well-being without accessing target phone.

To increase business productivity and safety

Companies worldwide enable the workforce to interact with clients and do business deals with clients on WhatsApp messenger. So, it has become necessary for employers to keep Tabs on WhatsApp messenger active on business devices. Therefore, some employers prefer spy apps to read chats and listen to Voice Calls remotely. Some business professionals use different methods to hack WhatsApp on smartphones and PCs. Employers want to increase business productivity because remote workers waste hours on business WhatsApp and don’t respond to clients during working hours. Moreover, you can prevent employees from breaching business secrets through WhatsApp messenger on business devices.

How to Hack WhatsApp Messenger Using Spy Apps For Cell phones?

Cell Phone spy apps can do the magic and empower to access any cellphone device active with WhatsApp remotely. However, you do require one-time physical access to the target device, and later you can control the target phone with the instant messenger. Remember, not all the spy apps for cellphones are equal, and you have to find out the best one in the business. Many spy Apps for WhatsApp are present on the web, but you have to get your hands on the one that offers features to hack WhatsApp conveniently. What are the apps to use hack WhatsApp messenger remotely?

Top Best Apps To Hack WhatsApp Without Target Android Phone

Here are the best app to hack WhatsApp that you can use on a cell phone remotely after one-time access to the target device. All these apps are one-featured applications that you need to install one after the other on the target phone to monitor and track social messaging apps.

WhatsApp screen recording App

Screen recorder for WhatsApp is one of the best spying apps that empowers you to hack social networking apps on cellphones. You can use the one-feature application on the target mobile screen and record short videos when the user is using WhatsApp. The screen recorder will send the recorded videos to the web control panel, where you can download the videos and watch sent messages, chats, and media.

Keystrokes logger for WhatsApp

WhatsApp keylogger can hack WhatsApp keystrokes, like messages keystrokes, password keystrokes, messenger, and deleted messages keystrokes. It is one of the best hacking apps for WhatsApp that empower anyone to be a hacker to perform hacking on the social networking app. Users can access non-verbal communication in real-time and get to know what the target person is talking about on popular instant messaging apps.

WhatsApp screenshots app

Screenshots spy app empowers you to schedule plenty of screenshots at once on the target phone installed social messaging app. Users can hack WhatsApp messages, chats, media, and calls by capturing back-to-back screenshots from the target phone screen. The screenshots app empowers you to schedule several screenshots snaps, and it will capture five screenshots with 15 seconds gap and send data to the dashboard.

Screen-time to block IMs

Screen-time is one of the powerful spying and hacking apps for WhatsApp. Users can access the target phone and block installed apps from minutes to hours to decrease screen time and prevent users from using instant messaging apps. You can download and install the app and use its dashboard to activate screen-time for WhatsApp. Screen-time is one of the few apps that prevent kids and employees from using instant messenger on target phones.

VoIP call recorder for WhatsApp

Do you want to know how to hack WhatsApp calls on a cellphone to listen to them in real-time? WhatsApp call recording software empowers you to access the realm of a cellphone and record one-sided VoIP calls and sends the data to the dashboard. Users can download recorded data and listen to the hacked calls on WhatsApp.

Note: You may need to find a spy app for android phones that provide you several features for WhatsApp we have discussed earlier.

Is There App That Captures WhatsApp Keystrokes, Record Calls & Messages on Android?

There is a spy app that you can use for hacking WhatsApp messenger using its features, like WhatsApp screen recording, keystrokes logging, VoIP call recording, and WhatsApp logs. OgyMogy is an application that works on Android and iPhones to spy on WhatsApp.

OgyMogy WhatsApp hacking features for android

  • Live screen recording Screenshots
  • Keystrokes logging
  • Installed apps
  • VoIP Call recording
  • Filter apps

You may get these features in a single feature application, but OgyMogy WhatsApp hacks offer all the features to spy on social media in all-in-one spying software. It is non-rooted and hidden hacking software for WhatsApp. The application has a user-friendly interface that takes a few minutes to configure on the phone having one-time access to the target device. After installation, you can remotely hack WhatsApp on an android phone to read chats, text messages, and media and listen to the VoIP calls.

Is There An All-in-one App to Hack WhatsApp on Android, Windows & MAC?

Yes.  Several paid and free spy apps claim to be all-in-solution to spy on WhatsApp on Android, PCs, and Mac computer devices.

However, OgyMogy is the one that offers multiple products for WhatsApp hacking, like an android hacking app, a windows monitoring solution, and MAC tracking software.

  • OgyMogy is one app that offers dozens of solutions to spy on WhatsApp messenger.
  • Users can capture screenshots, record live phone and PC screens, and filter websites on target computing devices.
  • You need not visit the web to get your hands on multiple applications and methods to hack instant messenger WhatsApp.
  • Install an app that empowers you to spy on phones, PC, and computers to hack WhatsApp.

How To Hack WhatsApp Using QR Code?

Whenever you want to hack the social networking app on windows you can access the WhatsApp web and then scan the QR code of the target device active with the instant messaging app.

WhatsApp web PC  login using iPhone

  • Use iPhone to login to WhatsApp
  • Go to settings at the bottom
  • Press next and tap on web/desktop
  • You need to scan the QR code from WhatsApp open into the iPhone
  • As the user scans the code, all the messages and WhatsApp status will be visible on the Web Browser screen.
  • When you scan the code, messages, chats and WhatsApp status will appear on the web browser.

WhatsApp web desktop login with android

  • Login to the WhatsApp on the target android phone
  • Visit the vertical dots on the upper right corner and tap on WhatsApp web takes you to the screen. Further, scan the code by using the scanner.
  • You can place your android phone in front of a desktop device to open WhatsApp on your window or mac computer device.
  • You would be able to hack WhatsApp messages, chats, and other activities on your PCs.

Use One Time Password to hack WhatsApp.

You need to steal the WhatsApp account verification code from the target device when you log in phone with someone else WhatsApp account. So, you can access someone’s account on your phone unless you get the verification code sent to the registered mobile number.

Disable two-factor authentications to spy on WhatsApp account

You can prevent the two-factor authentication security that WhatsApp offers its users. Users can disable the two-factor check feature within minutes and access the account to hack WhatsApp messenger to the fullest.


Multiple spy apps for WhatsApp and other manual methods to hack WhatsApp are time-taking, risky, and worthless. You can perform WhatsApp hacking without putting yourself at risk unless you have the OgyMogy spy app for WhatsApp. It offers features to access the social network remotely. You need not use one-feature apps that capture screenshots, record screens, capture keystrokes, and block applications.