How To Record Telegram Calls Remotely?

How To Record Telegram Calls Remotely

Recording Telegram calls is seemingly a challenge for most of us.  Several years ago, very few IM users could make audio and video calls on their social platforms.

Most instant messaging apps offer VoIP calls, like Telegram.

It has gained an audience over the years, and today, millions of people love to use the social messaging app for text messaging and voice and video calls.

Social networking voice and video calls add excitement when users spend time over them, and many want to record these audio and video calls as memories.

Gone are the days when people had to communicate via text messages on social networks. People want to record telegram calls on cell phones and computer devices no time ever before.

Why Is Recording Telegram Calls Necessary?

Social networking apps enable users to make audio and video VoIP calls. The telegram messenger app has become the talk of the town these days.  Many individuals try best to record Telegram calls on phones and computing devices.  Here are people that want to get the job done:

Parents Want To Record Telegram Messenger Calls.

Non-verbal communication lacks emotions, attitudes, and intentions, but verbal communication is productive. So, instant messaging apps empower users to make audio and video calls on social networks, like Telegram.

Parents want to record and listen to VoIP calls on the telegram messenger. Do you know why?

Young kids do audio-video calls on social messaging apps with strangers and share their nude bodies with strangers.

They could become the victim of sextortion and victim of hackers and blackmailers. Parents should record live incoming and outgoing audio-video calls on Telegram.

Employers Want To Listen To VoIP Calls On Telegram.

Employers got so many advantages since social messaging apps can make Voice and video calls. Business professionals can do voice and video chats with their clients on business phones and PCs to sell their products and listen to their complaints. Workers can use Telegram VoIP calls to interact with their executives working and taking from a distance.

So, employers want to record VoIP calls on Telegram to check employees’ productivity and ability to deal with clients online. They can improve customer service by recording live audio-video calls on Telegram.

How To Record Telegram Voice Calls On Android?

Do you want to perform a Telegram messenger call recording on an android phone?

You can record telegram calls and incoming and outgoing calls on another phone unless you adopt the following method to get the job done.

Capture Telegram Video Calls On Target Phone.

You may have seen screen recording software on the web that enables users to record the live screen of android phones. You may want to record real-time Telegram calls on your android phone.

You can get your hands on multiple screens by recording apps available on the web to record and capture live video calls on Telegram messenger.

Here are the following ways you can record and capture Telegram calls:

Method No.1: Use Third-party Screen Recording Apps.

Several screen recording apps are floating on the web that empowers you to record your cell phone screen in order. Users can watch the live android screen recording and know what is happening on the target phone active with the Telegram video VoIP calls.

Third-party screen recorders, like AZ screen recorders, have many features. You can use the app to capture instant messengers’ video calls. The AZ screen recorder also provides live streaming of the VoIP to users. You can reduce the size of the recorded Telegram calls so that not affect your android phone’s memory.

  • AZ screen recorder Top features:
  • Crop and rotate the recorded Telegram video call file
  • Use background music behind the videos
  • Capture a Gif
  • Record live Voice calls & broadcast them live

Steps to record & capture Telegram calls on android

Step1: Download the AZ screen recorder & activate it on Android phone

Step2: Make a tap on the gear icon to use settings and set the frame and video resolution

Step3: Tap on the red button when Telegram video call running on android phone

Step4: Use the option to end the recording of Telegram messenger calls

Method No.2 Use Spy Apps On Android To Record Telegram Calls Without Rooting

Several spy apps are available on the web that empowers you to record live Telegram calls on an android phone without rooting. You can use the best Telegram call recording apps on the target device to record, listen, save, and monitor IM calls. Here are the top two spy applications that empower you to record & track Telegram on someone’s android phone.

  • OgyMogy Telegram VoIP call recorder

OgyMogy is the best call recording app for Telegram. It is android spy software that you can install on your android phone. You can access the dashboard after successfully configuring the process and activating the spy software. Further, you can use the credentials to access the dashboard to use features that help you record, capturing, and listen to Telegram messenger calls audio and video.

Top OgyMogy features to record & capture Telegram calls

  • Screen recorder
  • Screenshots
  • IM’s call logs
  • Telegram call recording

You can use OgyMogy online dashboard and activate these features to record and listen to the live Telegram calls on your android phone. It is a non-rooted spy solution for Telegram messenger active on android phones.

It enables users to capture screenshots and let you want live activities on the phone’s screen. Users can schedule multiple screenshots and download them via the dashboard to watch Telegram audio and video call activity.

Moreover, you can record live android phone screens using a screen recorder. It empowers you to record the android screen in real-time when IM is active on the phone. Users can watch the recorded videos to watch Telegram VoIP calls without audio.

OgyMogy enables users to record Telegram calls audio-video with a Telegram call recorder. Users can record one-sided Voice and video calls and save the data to the dashboard.

  • TheOneSpy Telegram call recording app

More likely to OgyMogy, TheOneSpy has advanced set of features to record, capture, and listen to the VoIP calls on Telegram messenger app. You can install the spy app for android on your target phone having one-time physical access on target phone. Further, you can activate the Telegram messenger spy app on target device for listening to the IM calls.

Top TheOneSpy Features to record Telegram Voice calls

  • Spy live 360
  • Telegram call recording
  • Live screen recording
  • Capture screenshots
  • Spy on Telegram

TheOneSpy has multiple hidden solutions to record, listen to, and monitor IM VoIP calls on android. You can use the spy live 360 screen sharing feature to allow you to watch live phone screens via an online dashboard.

It empowers you to watch live Telegram videos and audio call activity on another phone. However, you cannot listen to the audio. You can capture back-to-back screenshots and use a Telegram call recorder that empowers you to record and listen to Telegram audio-video calls on android via the dashboard.

Users can download the data to listen to the Voice and video conversations on a social network. You can spy on telegram messenger with the best android spy app –TheOneSpy to monitor text messages, chats, shared media, and audio-video Telegram call logs with the schedule.

How To Record Telegram Messenger Video Calls On Windows

Here are the ways you can record Telegram video calls on PCs:

  • EaseUS RecExpert

Is it possible to record Telegram video calls on PCs? Yes. You can use EaseUS RecExpert tool on your target window laptop desktop. It is lightweight screen recording application for windows PCs that capture every activity on your target device. You can preview the captured files with built-in player and you can also edit the video recordings.

  • Windows screen recording app

Windows screen recorder software is the best PC monitoring application that you can install on any laptop and desktop computer device. It is an application that enables users to spy on any windows device.

Users can use it on target windows laptops and desktops. Use its powerful features to record and capture Telegram video calls secretly.

 Windows monitoring app has features like on-demand screenshots, windows screen recording, activity logs, installed applications, and online and offline monitoring.

You can use the application to capture Telegram VoIP calls screenshots and record video call activity on Telegram on another windows computer.

Users can download the captured screenshots and screen recordings to watch live Telegram video calls.

Telegram Call Recording Possible On Computers

You can record Telegram calls audio and video on MAC computer devices these days unless you have the following tools at your disposal. Let’s discuss the tools one by one that are as follows:

  • Wondershare DemoCreator

It is one of the few Telegram call recording solutions for MAC. DemoCreator empowers you to record calls on social networking and messaging apps without an effort unless the target IM has also offered a desktop computer version.

Telegram has a desktop version for users to make audio and video calls on computer devices. The application Wondershare DemoCreator allows you to record the audio of Telegram calls from an external microphone connected to the target MAC device.

Install the DemoCreator app following the system specifications, and it takes little time to complete its setup on the target device.

  • You can tap on the button to record and capture Telegram videos and voice calls.
  • It has a dialogue box that offers several options to tweak the recorder.
  • Complete configuration process successfully and start Telegram video call recording.
  • Start the call recording on MAC using the recorder button, and it may take 3 seconds to initiate
  • Record live Telegram video calls and you have a choice to edit the recorded Telegram video call.
  • Mac Monitoring software

MAC monitoring application is one of the best tools to record Telegram video calls on another computer device without them knowing. It is easy to install and operate, and

Take a few minutes to complete the configuration process. Users can use it on the target computing device and use the online dashboard to activate the features that are as follows:

  • Screen recording
  • Keystrokes logger
  • Screenshots
  • Camera bug

Users can use MAC spy software on the target laptop- desktop computer device. It can capture screenshots when the target person is busy with Telegram video and audio calls. You can capture screenshots to watch that person having a video call on Telegram messenger.

Further, you can watch a live computer screen using the MAC screen recorder tool. It can record a series of videos when the computer is up to Telegram VoIP call and send the videos to the dashboard.

Users can download the videos and watch IM video calls without audio. However, users can bug the MAC front camera to view the target person’s activity when he/she has an audio Telegram VoIP call.


Recording Telegram calls on android, windows, and mac have become necessary. Parents and employers are desperate for kids and business safety. They can use several proven ways and legitimate spy solutions, like OgyMogy on their android phones, PCs, and MAC devices to perform Telegram call recordings.

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