How To See & Track Someone’s Activity On Facebook

how to track someone activity on facebook

Every individual loves to sign-up and login to Facebook. Facebook is one of the best social networking apps, and people can share photos, videos, read and send text messages, and voice and video calls. Users can make friends on social platforms from all over the world. However, people also want to track someone’s activity on Facebook. Do you know why? To Track, someone’s Facebook activity would reveal information. You can get to know their preferences, likes, dislikes, friends, family members.  Can you track someone’s activity on Facebook using a few ways on any cell phone?

How Do You Track & Monitor Someone's Facebook Activity?

People are desperate to spy on Facebook no time ever before. They want to track the activity on Facebook. Here are the following reasons that push people to monitor FB activity.

For Parental concerns

You may think how come parental concerns push parents to track social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and many more. Young kids are obsessed with the use of Facebook on cell phone devices. They spend most of their time on social media networks. So, parents want to track them on FB to protect and prevent them from online predators, like cyberbullies, sexual predators, and stalkers. Young kids also do things inappropriate like dating online, social media dangerous challenges, sharing privacy, and many more.

Business productivity concerns

Employers have no other way to improve business productivity and privacy. So, they have to track the business activity on social media networks. They want to read messages and monitor voice chats, media sharing, and other activities.  Employees can steal business data and sell it via social media networks. So, you can track someone’s activity on instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp.

Is It Possible To See Someone's Facebook Activity Without Knowing?

Yes. You can see someone’s activity on Facebook without them knowing. You have to bring the Facebook spy app at your disposal first. It will empower you to monitor and track your Facebook account. Further, you can unveil the activity on Facebook, like posts, comments, text messages, chats, media sharing, voice, and video call logs without them knowing. Remember, it is a matter of privacy, and you have to take of it. However, there are many ways to track Facebook. Facebook tracking app is the best way to monitor social media platforms; otherwise, you will have to adopt illegal ways to monitor your Facebook account.

Is It legal To See Activity on Facebook On Someone's Phone?

Facebook is a social media network that owns other instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and FB messenger. Facebook is very strict with its privacy policies. It only allows friends to see each other activities. Without being friends with someone on FB, you cannot see and track activity. It would consider a privacy breach. So, you can see the Facebook activity of someone unless you have to the consent or target phone active with social media app belongs to you.

Ways To Track Recent Activity, Likes, & Comments on Facebook

Do you want to track comments, likes, and recent activities? You can view recent activity, like comments and posts, unless your friend has a public FB profile.  FB has allowed users to view the activity of friends. However, the profile of your friends needs to be a public one.  You can go through the profile page and make a tap on the like menu, and click on the like section; you will see a display of each like item with names. Moreover, to view the recent posts and comments, you can also visit your notification section. Tap on your notification section, and you will see activities.

  • Target friend should be on your friends’ list
  • The profile of your friend should be public

How To Monitor Someone's Activities On Social Networks Like Facebook?

Are you struggling to track Facebook on someone’s phone? Let me tell you, OgyMogy is the best way to monitor and see FB activity. You can easily track down your Facebook account no matter on what phone the application is active at the moment. It is the best application that helps you, and you can get rid of free ways to track the activity on FB. The application can spy on Facebook on any cell phone device. It further monitors messages logs, chats logs, voice call logs, media sharing, and voice messages logs with the schedule. It gives you complete secrecy, and you can track someone’s social media activity.

Track Someone FB Activity Using OgyMogy Tracking Software

Do you know? OgyMogy has many features that empower you to monitor FB. You can use the tracking app on your target phone to monitor Facebook activity. It can monitor everything on social media platforms. The application has several FB spying features that you can use to see someone’s FB activity. Here are the following features OgyMogy has offered to monitor social media websites and apps.


You can capture screenshots at any moment on a cell phone active with social media platforms. Users have to schedule plenty of screenshots via the OgyMogy dashboard. It will capture several FB screenshots and send them to the web control panel. You can access images and track FB activity secretly.

Screen recorder

Do you want to see posts, comments, chats, text messages, voice calls, and voice messaging activity? Remote Screen recording empowers you to record a series of short videos on a cell phone screen running with Facebook. It can record videos in real-time and deliver the recorded data to the electronic portal. Users can watch videos and see FB activity.

VoIP call recording

Facebook messenger call recording is the best feature of spy app for android phone. You can record live incoming and outgoing voice and video calls on Facebook. Further, deliver the data to the OgyMogy dashboard.

Social media messenger spy

Social media messenger spy software is the best tool that empowers you to track activity logs on Facebook. Users can monitor text messages, chat conversations, voice calls, video calls, and voice messages.

Keystrokes monitoring

It can monitor keystrokes and discover hidden text messages and chats on Facebook by logging keystrokes. Users can read and track communication happening via a social media platform. You can also get passwords applied on the instant messaging app.


OgyMogy is the best phone tracking application. It empowers you to track conversations of your loved ones, see every activity on Facebook, like chats, media sharing, comments, posts, and many more. The application has become a priority for parents and employers to track kids’ and employees’ FB activity.