How To Spy On Employee’s Social Messenger Apps

How To Spy On Employee’s Social Messenger Apps

Social Messenger apps are a widely used social network that empowers us to use their services like voice calls, chat, text, video chat, and many more. Social media messengers like Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Line and others are popular messaging app for business use. Employers and employees use social messaging apps for telecommunication purposes for many reasons.

They send and receive instant messages, media, and business documents and interact with the clients to promote their products. Business trade secrets are at stake, and employers look forward to spying on messenger apps conversations. Before jumping on how to monitor employees’ activity on messenger apps, we discuss why spy apps for social media have become the need of the hour.

Top Best Messenger Apps For Business Usage

The world has evolved, and people have left SMS and MMS communication. Today, employers have allowed their employees to use messaging apps on business devices. Messenger apps for business are the best these days to communicate and interact with your digital clients. You can easily convince people to buy your product. Instant messaging apps also enable employees to interact with each other in business organizations. The social networking apps that business firmed have allowed employees for internal and external communication are as follows:

  • Skype
  • WhatsApp
  • Viber
  • Facebook
  • Telegram
  • Line

How Secure Are Messenger Apps For Business?

Business messaging apps like Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, and others offer distinctive features and security standards. The social networking chat is an end to end encrypted and seemingly impossible to break in. The popular messenger apps have features like instant messaging, file sharing, audio calls, video calls, group chats, and many more.

Social messaging apps have hefty security standards, and none of us can ingress to communication on free social networking platforms. So, employers feel nervous when they allow employees to make voice and video calls, messaging, chats, and other activities.

They can easily share business secrets with anyone using business devices. The instant messaging and voice calling apps provide security like the server to serve authenticity, central storage, and role-based access in messengers like Viber, skype, line, and WhatsApp.

Why Monitor Employees’ Messenger Apps On Business Phones?

Many things have got to gather these days, and business professionals face huge losses because of employees. Do you know why? Social networking apps on business devices can put any business to risk. Employees use instant messengers on business devices to communicate with clients and interact with each other as a team.

Employees can turn disgruntled, and they can work against the company. They can share business trade secrets with third parties and make easy money. You can know about the following vulnerabilities associated with business due to the messenger apps using business devices.

  • Workers can steal business secrets & share them with other via instant messengers
  • Employees waste working hours on networking apps active on business phones
  • Employees use instant messaging apps for personal activity on business phones
  • Employees create personal contacts with business clients via business social networks
  • WhatsApp backup is not safe and encrypted
  • Your business data & chats could breach any-time

Yes! You can spy on instant messaging apps your employees use for business activity. You can monitor the usage of WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Skype, Viber, and other popular social networks active on business devices at any point in time.

Skype messenger is a networking app that empowers users to use its central control center to monitor Skype. You can do surveillance on the destination of voice calls, chats, text messages, time, and schedule.

You can use social media messenger spy apps to spy on messaging apps no time ever before. You can easily monitor instant messengers’ chat logs, VoIP call logs, media sharing, and other activities. You need to have the best social media messenger spying app, like OgyMogy cell phone monitoring software.

What Is The Best Spy App To Monitor Messaging Apps?

OgyMogy is the best social media messenger spy apps that allow business professionals to monitor employee skype chats, WhatsApp voice chats, line group chats, audio and video call logs on popular chatting and voice calling apps. It is a spy app for android phone that accesses any cell phone device and lets you know what is happening on a cell phone. Moreover, users can monitor and track networking apps.

It offers plenty of features to spy on instant messengers using screenshots, screen recording, social media spy, and view installed apps, password cracker, browsing activity, VoIP call recording, and many more.

Why Is OgyMogy Best Solution For Spying On Instant Messenger Apps?

Do you know? Several android spy solutions on the web claim to monitor social messaging apps on business devices. However, it is hard to find out best social media messenger spy software in the business these days. OgyMogy is the only monitoring software that offers an array of features to monitor instant messengers. Today we discuss the top social media monitoring tools for business surveillance. Here are the following spying tools for messaging apps that OgyMogy is currently offering.

Top Messengers Spying Apps You Need To Know About

Here are the following OgyMogy spy features that you can use on any rooted and non-rooted phone to monitor social networks.

Skype Spy App

It is the popular monitoring tool that the spy app for android without rooting has ever produced for social media spying. Users can use it to monitor skype chats, messages, media sharing, voice call monitoring, and many more. Skype spy app is the best solution to monitor conversations on business devices. Users can also record Skype VoIP calls on cell phones without root and save data to the dashboard.

WhatsApp Spy Software

WhatsApp spy app is a monitoring solution. It empowers the business community to monitor and read business chats, voice chats, text messaging, and voice messages on business cell phones. It is helpful for employers to read and listen to the employee’s verbal and non-verbal communication on official devices.

Facebook Messenger Spy

Facebook monitoring has become essential for employers because it is handy for business usage. You can spy on employees’ activity on messenger active on the business device using Facebook messenger spy app. It let users read chats, track media, and record voice calls.

Viber spy software

You can spy on Viber messenger using the best Viber spy app. It enables employers to monitor instant messenger chat logs, media, voice messages, and text messages sent and received with the schedule.

Telegram Monitoring app

Telegram spy App powered by OgyMogy gives you a sneaky way to keep an eye on your employees on business phones and without root. It is a non-rooted surveillance app that monitors logs on instant messaging app and delivers the information to the dashboard. You can read text messages, voice calls, chats, and many more.

How Does OgyMogy Messenger Spy App Work?

Do you want to track employees’ text messages and chats on social networking apps? You can spy on instant messaging apps on rooted and non-rooted phones using the best cell phone tracker software following the installation process given below.

  • Subscribe to OgyMogy monitoring software
  • Get physical access on a non-rooted phone
  • Get access to the online dashboard

Top OgyMogy Features other than messengers monitoring app

Here are cell phone spy features other than social media messenger spying apps that you can use on any cell phone to monitor employees to the fullest.

  • Screenshots
  • Screen recording
  • Keylogging
  • GPS tracker
  • Surround recorder
  • Remote Screen recorder
  • Browsing history tracker
  • Installed apps
  • Geo-location
  • SMS logs


OgyMogy is the best spy application that empowers you to monitor your employee’s messenger apps on business devices. It is the best spying solution for phones, windows, MAc for business safety and productivity. Employers can monitor every activity that happens on messenger apps with the schedule.