What Is Best Location Tracker App For Android Phone?

best location tracker app

Why do people want to know about location tracker apps these days? The answer is simple; they want to know that their family is safe, and they can do it by using location tracking software on kids, teens, and loved ones’ digital devices.

The cell phone tracker app enables users to track where their loved ones are at the moment. It is a never-ending battle between parents and kids and further between employers and employees.

Modern technology has made us track the real-time location of our kids and employees. Dozens of location tracker apps are available on the web that you can use on your target devices. It empowers you to know about the exact, current, and pinpoint the location. You can track kid’s and employees’ GPS locations remotely and secretly.

No matter how hard it has become to find out the best location tracker app, we are here to guide you to get your hands on it.

We are here to let you know how to choose the best location tracker app for android phones.

What Is A Best Location Tracker App?

Location tracker empowers you to monitor and track the location of your target device with accuracy and efficiency. It further allows you to get the live mobile location, history, daily and weekly  history of the target device. It shows the target device location by using Google Maps. It is best for tracking kids’ and employees’ locations secretly.

What You Consider Before Choosing The Best Location Tracker App?

If you are a struggling parent or employer and want to track your teens and employees, the following things you should consider before view live GPS location.

Top 10 things to consider before choosing mobile location tracker

  • Feature-rich applications full of GPS tracking tools
  • Application with user–friendly installation
  • Get a cost-effectively software
  • An app that provides live GPS location
  • Track cell phone secretly
  • Provide you pinpoint the location of the target device via MAP
  • An application that provides a route map of a target person
  • Enable to track the exact presence of your target device
  • It empowers you to track kid’s hidden whereabouts
  • Enable employers to monitor the live location of employees during working hours

We have discussed the 10 things that users need to consider before employing a location tracking app to track someone’s location. There are plenty of people that love to get their hands on the phone tracking applications for free available on the web.

Let’s discuss all the drawbacks of monitoring software for free.

Don’t Use Free Location Tracker Apps?

You should keep in mind that free tracking software that claims to track someone’s cellphone location is worthless. It can steal your phone data without your knowledge. You may cost your private photos, videos, and intellectual property. Free tools bring harm to your device, and you may lose the warranty of your device.

Free location tracking apps for phones work as a scam and malware to your device, and it makes you get rid of everything you have stored on your device.

Don’t use free applications when you are using them for digital parenting and employee monitoring purposes.

Note: Before you track your target device, make sure you did not have installed any free tracking software. Free location trackers got detected, and you could lose your child or employee trust.

Why You Need The Best Location Tracking App?

Two legitimate reasons force people to have one of the best tracking apps to know about the location. Parents want to monitor the exact, accurate, and live GPS location of kids and teens who visit dangerous places with friends without having their parent’s consent.

Further, employers want to know about the location of the employees working outside the company on official tasks. Apart from the legitimate reason, you need to get your hands on the best cell phone tracker app.

You need to have an app for the top 5 purposes.

To Check The Real-Time Location Of A Target Device

Real-time tracking can provide you access to your kids who used to hide their peers’ hidden whereabouts. That’s why you need to get your hands on the best tracker for a phone. You can view the live GPS location of your kids and employees by tracking real-time location with a tracker app for mobile. It needs to work secretly on the target device without your kids’ and employees’ knowledge.

To Track Lost Or Stolen Phone

You need to have a tracking app that empowers you to track lost or stolen cell phone devices. You can find out your teens lost or theft cellphones full of private data.  You can use the monitoring app on your kid’s phone, and then you can easily use its online dashboard and activate GPS tracker tools to find out the current presence of your device. However, users can remove the data of the loss or theft of mobile devices from the phone.

To Check The Location History Of The Target Person

Phone tracker empowers you to know about the GPS history on the secure web control panel. It will draw daily, weekly, and monthly GPS history of your kids and employees remotely. You need to install OgyMogy tracking app on the target device, and then you can use the location history tracker to know where your kids and employees were last weeks.

To Know About The Route Map Of The Target Person

A cell phone tracker can monitor someone’s phone location. It further provides the route map of the target person using Google Maps. That’s why you need to employ the best mobile tracker that empowers you to track the complete route of your target device using Maps.

The best application for cellphone tracking enables users to know what routes the target person has chosen to visit a particular place.

To Track Someone GPS Location Without Them Knowing

Do you want to know someone’s cellphone location without them knowing? You have to have OgyMogy software installed on the target mobile device. It enables users to monitor and track the current location of the target device without them knowing. Parents can monitor kid’s whereabouts without them knowing. Further, employers can get the presence of the workers outside the company without them knowing.

Why OgyMogy Is The Best Location Tracker App for Android?

Without a doubt, OgyMogy is the best tracker app for android that empowers you to track and monitor any cellphone location connected to cyberspace. It is an application that works on android phones and tablet devices secretly without root. It is one of the cheapest android tracker apps that allow users to access the target device and monitor every activity with a time stamp.

It is pocket-friendly and easy to configure on the target cellphone device without root. It is a feature-rich application that provides you plenty of features.

It can monitor and track the location of your target device. Apart from tracking cell phone location in real-time and location history, you can use it to record phone calls, read messages, screen recording, and capture screenshots. It further monitors social messaging apps and keystrokes on the target device.

Top 5 reasons that make OgyMogy best in the business:

  • Secretly track target phone location
  • Easy to install on the target phone
  • Remains hidden on the mobile device
  • Track live phone GPS location
  • Monitor location history & route map

What Are The Best Ogymogy Features To Track Phone Location?

The following best cell phone tracker features enable users to spy on the phone’s location without them knowing.

  • Monitor live GPS location
  • Weekly and daily location history
  • Track target device with pinpoint accuracy
  • Send you instant results on its secure web portal
  • Easy to navigate on the target device
  • Geo –fence that notifies via email

How Does Ogymogy Location Tracking App Works?

Do you want to track cellphone location without then knowing? Do you want to track the android phone without root? Are you trying to track your kid’s and employee’s location? You can install the OgyMogy app on your target device by following the steps given below.

Subscribe To OgyMogy Location Tracker Software

You can get the license of the phone tracker by visiting the official webpage. Further, gets the subscription following the compatibility of the target device. It will send you credentials through an email.

Get Target Phone In Your Hands

You need to have the target device in your hands for a while and start the installation process. You have to complete the configuration successfully and then activate it on the target device.

Activate The OgyMogy Dashboard

Use the password and ID and access its secure web control panel. Further, activate the location tracking features using the sync settings button in the secure web control panel. It provides you real-time results of the target device location.


Phone tracker apps without permission are available on the web, but it is tough for you to best location tracker app. In my opinion, there is no better application than OgyMogy for tracking someone’s location secretly and remotely.