Catch your teen’s blind dates online with strangers with the Tinder Monitoring app

Now you can monitor on teen’s Android phones and tablet devices and keep looking into the active online dating app tinder. You can monitor on an online dating app on android by using the Tinder monitoring app. You can read messages, profile swapping, and plans of teens for a date. It helps you out to protect teens from sex-offender and stalkers that can trap your teens online.

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Tinder Monitoring App

Tinder Monitoring app to monitor on Tinder dating app

When it comes to online dating apps users are growing with sheer pace. People are using the online dating app to find out the exact matches. Users can make conversations with the people to know each other in person to have real-life meetings. The social app enables users to see different profiles of the opposite gender and they can swap the profiles they are not interested in. Users can send and receive text messages and post their photos on their profile alongside the short Bio. Tinder tracking enables you to monitor all the activities the user has performed and let you know what the target person is up to.

tinder Monitoring app

Tinder tracking software designed for:

For Parental perspective:

Alarmingly more than ten percent of sexual predators are using online apps for dating and on the other side; teens are getting involved in online hookups with strangers on Tinder. So, sex offenders’ online love to bunny hunting romantically inclined teens on the social app for dating. Parents can protect teens from “bunny hunters” using the Tinder monitoring app for android. Parents can remotely monitor juveniles' account activity, see all matches, keystrokes applied and also enable them to browse chat conversations. However, they have to install OgyMogy on teens and children's digital devices. User can use the dashboard for uploading and downloading the tracked information.

tinder Monitoring app Parental

tinder Monitoring app Bsuiness

For Business perspective:

You may curious enough to know why your employees are lacking with productivity even they always seem busy on their business-owned devices. However, it might be possible they pretend to be a hard work employee but behind the scenes, they are using dating applications and wasting time in matchmaking. Furthermore, an individual may be looking forward to preserving the activities on matchmaking application. In both cases, use monitoring software for Tinder to supervise employee’s activities on business-owned devices and you will get to know whether they are doing something productive or wasting time in online romances. Moreover, you can save all the activities you have performed on the match finding app by using an online dashboard.

Tinder monitoring software enables you to:

  • Monitor text messages and chat conversation on instant messaging app
  • Track the profiles of a target person including name and photos
  • Get to know all the profiles swapped by the target user
  • Track teen’s conversations with the strangers for their safety from sex offenders
  • Remotely block internet on teen’s phone having a hookup with someone unknown
  • Don’t let your employees to make your business environment as online dating point

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