How To Track Browsing History Secretly Of Another User

How To Track Browsing History Of Another User

Why does anyone think to track browsing history of someone secretly? There could be a variety of reasons for that. The answer to this question is that our lives have become increasingly online over the last decade.

One of the reasons that force people to monitor cellphones, PCs, and computer browsers is kids have started spending hours and hours on digital devices connected to cyberspace. Business professionals have started checks on business devices.

They do surveillance on the browsing history of another user to make sure business safety and productivity. In this post, we discuss the top reasons to monitor web searches. You will learn how to track installed and built-in browsers of android, windows, and computers.

Track Internet Browsing History Someone Secretly

Here are the following reasons that force people to monitor cell phones, windows, and laptop computer devices to see & track internet browsing history remotely of another person.

Seedier Parts of the Internet & Teens Muddy Their Browsing Tracks

We have recently faced the pandemic, and young kids have no other option but to stick with the phones and laptops without supervision. Seemingly, it gives leisure time to parents, but it has made kids vulnerable to inappropriate to many activities. Here are the following reasons that make parents scared, and to safeguard teens and prevent them from risky web searches.

  • Web searches
  • Harmful and violent pieces of content
  • Adult sites
  • Online dating sites
  • Online search to a site for a sugar daddy

We know that tracking internet browsing history would breach the privacy of teens. It would breach personal information online.  Parents can track their health, mental state, travel locations, interests, fears, and online habits. They are responsible for the safety of teens; parenting steps to protect teens online have become necessary. So, they are desperate to track child’s phones browsing history without them knowing. Before you know how you can do it? Take a look at the following stats.

  • Almost 90% of the teens have smartphones & computer devices
  • 32% of young female teens search adult sites on digital phones
  • 67% of young boys are obsessed with porn sites, and erotic videos
  • Teens spend more than 87 hours a year looking at adult videos online

An average teen spends 1 hour & 40 minutes a week searching porn content, according to the published reports of the dailymail. Teens do a search on android and Windows browsers and spend hours a week browsing the internet software porn, pregnancy, and about plastic surgery, dailymail has further stated in the report. Research conducted by OgyMogy, computer and cell phone tracking software that not only block websites, filters websites, and tracks browsing history.

Business Safety & Productivity is the Priority of Employers

Employers these days are desperate to have internet history tracking apps for phones and computers. Do you know why? Bosses are not bossy only; they have to protect business confidential secrets and productivity. They can catch employees who want to steal secret information from official phones, computers, tablets, and laptops. Therefore, they have to keep an eye on the employee’s every activity, including track internet browsing history. Tracking web searches of another user in a business firm is beneficial, and safety measures during working hours.

Reasons for Employers to Monitor Browsing History

Here are the following top reasons that force employers to monitor  web searches, bookmarks, and most visited websites on android phones and Windows devices. Android and Windows OS devices are everywhere in business firms these days.

  • Data breaching activities
  • Time wasting activity
  • Time spent on each website
  • Social Media networks they use infrequent
  • Email Access on phones, laptop computers to write sensitive emails
  • Employees working remotely from home
  • To Prevent Online attacks and scams due to visiting inappropriate sites

These reasons force employers to know how to track a laptop of windows and android phones to track the mac browser history of employees. Data breaching activity is massive everywhere in the world, and it could be different every time. A business can face internal and external threats at any point in time due to inappropriate browsing activities on business devices.

  • 35% of employees waste time during working hours because they are not challenged
  • 32% do goldbricking activities on browsing activities, stats
  • 69% of male employee’s official phones & PCs for personal reasoning
  • After every 39-second business firm got online attacks
  • 3% of employees steal business secrets to sell them for easy money

You can cope up with employees’ time-wasting activities. You need to have best of the best tracking app for phone, PCs, and computer devices. You can have tracking software that can access browsing history and monitor every activity on the business device. We recommend you find a monitoring app that provides multiple products to monitor cell phones and laptop desktop devices single-handedly.

You can get your hands on the internet browsing history tracker to track web searches and other activity on mac. You need to use the OgyMogy cellphone and computer monitoring software pack with multiple products to view and monitor internet history on any phone and PC to the fullest.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose OgyMogy Monitoring Software

Here are the reasons that recommend the OgyMogy tracking app to track browsing activity on digital phones and computer devices.

  1. It is the best parental control software to monitor the internet history of kids.
  2. Best employee monitoring solution to keep an eye on employee’s online activity
  3. Your employees would not make online tracks muddy especially visited websites.
  4. Clearing web searches & bookmarked web pages won’t help kids to remain sneaky.
  5. You can track adult sites on your teen’s phone and a laptop desktop computer.
  6. You can monitor another user at will and can snoop on PCs, phones, and computers.
  7. Employers can manage to see bookmarking, visit social media sites of remote workers.
  8. Employers can record & capture every world employees will type in their web searches.
  9. Bosses can measure employees’ productivity in real-time using OgyMogy features.
  10. Every file your employee access on a business device is visible.

The tracking application has many products on its belt that you can install on your target android phone without root and on your PCs and computer devices. Take a look at the different products to monitor internet history on mobiles and laptop devices.

Final Thoughts

These three products will let you know what is happening on the installed and built-in browsers on the target device of another user. Every product is capable enough to record live screens, capture screenshots, keystrokes, and activity logs on android, mac, and computers to the fullest. The live screen recording tool lets you see live browsing activities, and you can capture multiple screenshots. Keystrokes logging can record and capture keystrokes your child and employee have types in web browsers to visit many sites. You can also filter and block websites on your target devices.