How To Screen Record Another Phone Remotely

How To Record Another Phone Screen Remotely

People are desperate to screen record another phone remotely. Every individual could have different reasons to view a cell phone screen. However, technology has made it possible to record any cell phone screen without the target person’s knowing. People want to know every move of the target person on cell phone screen no time ever before. They may want to know what the target person is doing on social networks, phone calls, text messages, browsing activities, and many more things. So, they want to record phone screens in real-time remotely.

Why Do People Want To Access Someone Phone Screen?

People are more likely to monitor and record cell phone screens remotely to set parental controls. Moreover, business communities have to arrange things to protect the business data and confidential information stored on business phones and tablets. So, they have no option other than access someone’s phone screens remotely.

Parents want to perform digital parenting.

Parents have no other way to protect their young kids connected to cyberspace but by recording phone screens. So, they want to record another phone screen remotely by using screen recording software. They often got cheated by spending time on the fake, scam, and free screen viewing apps. So, they want to get their hands on the best hidden screen recording software for cell phones to prevent kids from following things:

  • Sexting
  • Drug abuse
  • Porn addiction
  • Cyber bullying
  • Social media obsession

Employers want to increase safety & productivity.

Employers want to safeguard business enterprises from internal and external threats, and they want to get their hands on the legitimate screen recorder to record another phone screen remotely. They want to record and view every activity of the employees during working hours on business devices for the following reasons:

  • Time wasting
  • Data breaches
  • Dishonest employee
  • Decline in productivity

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Can You Screen Record On Android Phone Videos For Free?

No. You cannot trust a free screen viewing and recording solution. It could break your phone and steal your cell phone data without knowing them. Therefore, you should choose the best and most reliable screen recording solution that empowers you to view another phone screen for legitimate reasons, like parental control and tracking employees. Free apps to record another phone screen are not a good idea.

What Does It Take To View Android Phone Screen?

You have to get your hands on the android phone spy app that you can easily install on your android phone. Further, you can use the features that empower you to record back-to-back live videos on the cell phone screen and save the videos to the dashboard. Users can download the videos and watch them know what is happening on the android phone screen. You can install OgyMogy on your target device to record phone screens remotely.

Legalities To View & Record Another Phone Screen

People don’t bother about legalities, and they blindly start breaching another phone’s privacy without consent. So, be careful when trying to record and monitor another mobile screen. You have to know about the legalities:

  • The target device should belong to you
  • Get consent before you record another phone screen
  • Breaching someone’s privacy is a cyber-crime
  • Record underage kid’s phone screens when necessary
  • Take your employee into confidence before you monitor employees

Is Screen Recording On Someone Phone Wthout Root Possible?

Yes! You can view and record another android screen remotely without rooting. You need to install spy app that works on non-rooted Android phones and tablets devices. Many apps claim to work without root, but OgyMogy is a reliable phone monitoring software.

  • Users can record videos on another phone screen and send them to the dashboard remotely
  • You can use it on another android phone screen starting from version 4.0 up to 11.0.

Why OgyMogy Is The Best App To Record Phone Screens?

OgyMogy is a non-rooted and hidden cell phone tracking software. It has dozens of features that empower you to monitor and view cell phone screens. Moreover, users can use it remotely on the target device after a successful installation. It will provide a separate online dashboard to its users to activate the powerful features that can record phone screen videos and save them into the dashboard. OgyMogy is easy to install and feature-rich application that works on non-rooted cell phones. It is the best parental control and employee monitoring software that is legal for recording phone screens remotely on another phone

Top-rated Features To View & Record Android Phone Screen:

Here are the following features you can use on another phone that empowers you to perform live screen recording and let you view activities on a cellphone screen:

Screen recorder:

OgyMogy has the best screen recorder tool. It empowers you to access someone cell phone screen to record back-to-back videos and save them into the dashboard. Users can download the recorded videos remotely from the dashboard and view cell phone screen to monitor the following activities:

  • Live phone calls activity
  • Visited websites & bookmarks
  • Social media messages & chats logs
  • VoIP calls on social networks
  • Sent and received text messages
  • Installed application on the phone screen

Capture screenshots

Users can activate and schedule plenty of screenshots on the target device using phone monitoring software. It will capture a screenshot on another phone screen in a series and send the captured screenshots to the OgyMogy web control panel. Users can access the web portal to watch and view screenshots to monitor the following activities:

  • Capture screenshots of every activity on another phone screen
  • Capture screenshots of phone calls, messages, chats, voice chats

Note: live screen recording and screenshots are the two most decorated features of OgyMogy android tracking software.

  • The live Screen recording feature is best for providing you with live activities in visuals.
  • Screenshots can capture images of everything that happens on another phone screen remotely.

OgyMogy Other Features To Monitor Someone Phone


Don’t waste your time and money on phone monitoring solutions that claim to record another phone screen without one-time physical access. Always go for legit and commercial apps that empower you to record another phone screen in real-time and deliver results via its online dashboard. Like OgyMogy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

No, You cannot record cell phone screens remotely unless you have one-time physical access on the target mobile screen. You have to get physical access once and install the best screen recording software. Moreover, you can activate the features on the target phone using the best hidden screen recorder app to record and view cell phone screens.

Yes, you can use the best screen recorder app that lets users record someone’s screen without their knowledge. These apps are specially designed for working discreetly, working in the device’s back end and monitoring all the data.

Screen recording apps are specifically designed for monitoring mobile phone screens. The user only needs to buy and install the app into the targeted device. After configuring, the app will start recording everything happening on the device and quickly transmit the data to the online portal, where users can easily access the screen recordings.

Yes, the OgyMogy screen recorder allows you to take screenshots while monitoring the phone. You can take screenshots of specific data or schedule screenshots for a particular time.

The screen recording software allows you to record screens secretly and remotely. When you install the app, the app also provides you the option of hiding its icon, and after this, the app will start working discreetly without impacting the device’s performance. And your targeted person will never know that the screen recorder app is working on his device.

While selecting the best screen recording app, you must look for its features, compatibility, user reviews, and pricing. After searching, you can choose the best screen recording app.

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