Remotely control Phone cameras to capture surround videos

Video Camera Spy App enables users to get access to the target cellphone device. It can control the front and back camera of the device. It empowers you to use the cameras of the android device to record surroundings short –time videos. It will send the recorded videos of the surroundings to the dashboard remotely. Keep watching the surroundings of your kids and employees at your will.

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Video Camera spy app to bug Cell Phone cameras remotely

You can use it on someone’s cell phone device to bug the rear and front camera of cellphones or tablet devices. It delivers a series of short time videos of the surrounds that you can watch having access to the OgyMogy cellphone monitoring app online control panel. You can see what is happening in the surrounds of the target device. It means you can stay updated on what target person is doing at the time you have bugged the target device cameras.

Video Camera Spy

OgyMogy video camera monitoring app designed for:

For Parental perspective:

Parents get worried at the time when kids or teens hanging out with friends after school time and get bullied. Moreover, teens hidden whereabouts often made parents insecure about their hidden activities. Parents can get rid of parental concerns and remotely control kids' mobile cameras and record videos of the surrounds by installing the Video Camera Spy App on the target device. Further, they can view what teens and kids are doing in hidden whereabouts and what is happening in the surrounds at the moment.

Video Camera Spy Parental

Video Camera Spy Business

For Business perspective:

In a business organization, discipline means everything and employers, on the other hand, cannot stick with the workforce all the time. However, the camera bug app for cell phones is the best tool that enables business owners to remotely get control over business owned device cameras remotely. They can record videos of their employees surrounds by tracking cameras of the device assigned to them. They can see what they are doing and either they are productive or just wasting time here and there with fellow colleagues.

Video camera spying app enables you to:

  • Record short videos of the target device surround
  • Remotely bug mobile device back and front camera
  • Monitor teens activities at their hidden whereabouts
  • Get to know employees activities at workplace
  • Get to know whether teens got bullied or not
  • Productive enough & to keep employees in discipline

OgyMogy Features that provide you a complete insight into the mobile phone for digital parenting & employee monitoring.

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