Best Hidden Spy Voice Recorder Apps For Android Phones

Best hidden spy voice recorder apps for android

You may see in the movies that spy agents secretly use a piece of technology known as voice recorder apps. Many best hidden spy voice recorder apps for android are available on the web. Are you want to listen to the secret conversations? You will get steal proof of what they were talking about in phone surroundings. The user could have different needs to record and listen to the android surroundings. A cell phone could become an excellent voice recorder app to spy on someone’s voice conversations.

Android phones already have a voice recorder, but you cannot turn on another phone’s voice recorder and get the data on your device. We have accumulated spy voice recorder apps for android phones that you can use to record crucial voice conversations using the following apps.

Is There Hidden Voice Recorder App For Free?

Yes. The hidden free voice recording apps floating on the web claim to record voice around the cellphone. You would waste your time and money using free spy voice recording apps for android. A free voice recorder would damage your phone and provide you with nothing. You can get your hands on the commercial spy voice recorder software to listen to the phone’s surroundings.

Which App Is The Best For Hidden Voice Recording?

OgyMogy is the best for hidden voice recording on any cell phone device. It is an efficient, hidden, and undetectable voice recorder that empowers you to record on phone surroundings secretly. It is cheap in price, but convenient in their services.

How Do I Record Audio Secretly on Android?

You need to get your hands on the best voice recorder solution at your disposal first. OgyMogy is one of the few hidden android voice recorder apps best in the business. It can discreetly record phone surroundings in real-time and record voice by controlling the target microphone and saving data to the user control panel.

Top Best Spy Voice Recorder Apps To Spy Android Surroundings

Do you want to record voices in android surroundings? Here are the top best hidden android spying apps that could work as voice recording apps. Every application has made its way to the next level, but there is little difference in result orientation, user-friendliness, and price. We have ranked them following a few things.

OgyMogy – Hidden & Undetectable Spy Voice Recorder App

OgyMogy is one of the best hidden spy voice recorder software these days in the market. Dramatically, it is not voice recording software only. It is a spy app for android phone that records surrounding voices, sounds, and voice conversations by taking over the target Android device microphone. The application has many features to bug the microphone and camera as well. Users can secretly spy on cell phone surround voices and conversations and save the data to OgyMogy online dashboard. It has several features that empower you to spy and record voices on phone surroundings. Users can record live phone calls on android using the call recording feature. OgyMogy is a result-oriented, easy to install, and user-friendly application for voice recording.

Top OgyMogy Features Work As Hidden Spy Voice Recorder

Listen to surroundings:

You can install OgyMogy on your android phone successfully without root and activate it to listen to the surroundings feature. It will start working and control the target device microphone and connects it with the dashboard. It empowers users to listen to live voice conversations, sounds, and voices in real-time.

MIC bug

OgyMogy MIC bug feature can hack the microphone and record voice chats, sounds, and every voice activity possible in the phone surroundings in short back-to-back audio clips and save the data to the dashboard. Users can download the audio clips from the dashboard and listen to them.

OgyMogy other features to spy on android phone


OgyMogy is the best-hidden voice recorder software. It can support any Android phone and tablet device running with OS 4.4.0 to 12.0. It works on the target phone without root and remains hidden.

TheOneSpy –Best Spy Voice Recording Software For Android

TheOneSpy is one of the few spy voice recorders that remains hidden and undetectable on android while recording phone voices in surroundings. Best Hidden voice recording is the best tool of TheOneSpy that empowers users to record and listen to secret voice conversations on any cell phone device. It has dynamic features other than recording voices and lets you hear the discussions in real-time. However, it can also bug the microphone of your target android device to record the audio chats and save them into the dashboard. You can easily install TheOneSpy on android, and its features are easy to operate to bug the microphone for surround listening. It is voice recorder software for android that has a range of 360-degree to record and listen to the phone surroundings.

Top hidden TheOneSpy voice recording features

Live surroundings listening:

Live surround listening is the best-hidden spy voice recorder for android. It is one of the exclusive features of TheOneSpy. You can use it on your target cell phone device, but you have to install TheOneSpy software. Further, you can activate the feature via the web control panel, and it will connect the android microphone to the control panel to listen to the live phone surroundings. It will keep the user listening to the live voice chats, sounds, and other voice activities.

Live camera streaming (with audio)

You can activate the live camera streaming tool and connect the target device’s front and back cameras and microphone with the dashboard. Users will get live streaming of the surroundings along with the audio.

MIC bugging

Users can bug android phone microphones remotely using TheOneSpy best spy voice recording app. It empowers you to record and listen to the voice chats in phone surroundings.

TheOneSpy features other than voice recorder software:


TheOneSpy voice recording app is non-rooted and hidden. It is compatible with android OS 4.4.0 up to 11.0. It can secretly perform voice recording on target phone surroundings.

Flexispy – Voice Recording App

Flexispy has the best-hidden spy voice recorder features that empower discreetly record cell phone surroundings. Users can easily record the voices and sounds secretly and listen to them later. It allows users to start recording on-demand, and you can also set different time intervals to record voices on the target android phone. Flexispy voice recorder will record and upload the data to its user’s portal.

Top Flexispy features work as voice recording tool

  • Ambient recording
  • Schedule ambient recording
  • Voice recording without physical access

Flexispy other features you need to know


Do you want to know what your child is talking about with peers away from home? Do you want to catch your disgruntled employee? Here are the solutions we have discussed earlier that you can use on your target phone to record and listen to the hidden conversations of your kids and employees.

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