Listen to the voice recording on Android using the OgyMogy dashboard

You can listen to the voice calls by downloading them using the web control panel of android monitoring software. You can access your teen’s cellphone devices and get your hands on all the recorded voices without them knowing. You can monitor the voice recording of teens that they used to save on the cellphone devices secretly.

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listen voice records

Listen to Voice recordings of phone with voice recorder software

Listen to voice recording on mobile device remotely. install Ogymogy on target device & then via its control panel, get access to the saved files. Further, you can upload all the voices to the dashboard to download it. Now you can listen to the audio files stored on target phone gallery to the fullest. It enable user to listen every single voice recording stored on the target device.

listen voice records

OgyMogy feature listen Voice recordings designed for:

For Parental perspective:

Young teens and kids are used to making voice tapes for different reasons and then save the file into the gallery of the device. Parents can remotely explore the target android mobile device gallery and can download the files into the web portal of the cell phone monitoring app. Furthermore, parents can listen to audio recordings of teens and get to know what it’s all about. Besides, parents can use it for the sake of kids' and teens' safety because teens may be getting involved in something dangerous. Therefore, voice recorder app enables parents to remotely listen to the voices kids and teens have recorded via cell phone microphone.

listen voice records Paretal

listen voice records Business

For Business perspective:

Individual users interested in audio recordings using their phone MIC can create data backup using the online control panel of the mobile tracking app. They can create data back for all the audio voices saved in their device gallery. So, they can retrieve all the important audio recorded files in-case their device has lost or theft somehow. So, having an emergency they can get all the data back from the OgyMogy voice recording software dashboard remotely. However, it must be installed on the target device prior to the incident then they can easily get the entire data back of all the audio recorded files stored on the device memory.

Voice recordings app enables you to:

  • Remotely get access to the target phone gallery recorded voices
  • Listen to the audio files stored on the target device memory
  • Track teens all the recorded audios stored on their phone
  • Get to know what sort of recordings teens have stored on cellphone
  • Use it for parental control on kids and teens devices
  • Individual can use it for data backup against all the audio recordings

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