OgyMogy Parental & Spy App Features With No Root

OgyMogy Spy App Features With No Root

Spy apps are making headlines these days and sweeping the web. Do you know why? Cell phone spy apps for android are available with no root option. Most spying apps have started to claim that they are offering non-rooted features to attract customers, and in the end, they have to root the target device. Today we discuss an application that can spy on android phones without root, and their features are more likely non-rooted except a few. OgyMogy spy solution is the one that has come up with the magical touch, and it does not require changes in the operating system of the target device.

OgyMogy Android Spy Features Works On Rooted & Non-Rooted Devices

Amazing right? Make your mind, and we dare you to use it right here and right now. Here are the features of the best android spying solution that works on both rooted and non-rooted phones.

1) Call Recorder

You can record and listen to live voice calls on any android phone without root using the OgyMogy secret call recorder app feature. It is exceptional in service and allows users to record phone calls incoming and outgoing calls on android. It further shifts the data of the mobile phone calls to the user’s dashboard. Users can also use features like:

Sub features:

2) Social Media Messenger Spy

Parents who want to monitor social networking activities can spy on social messaging apps. You can monitor social networking logs without rooting your target cell phone and read chats, messages, voice calls, photos, and shared videos. Social media messenger spying is the best tool for rooted and non-rooted phones.

Sub features:

OgyMOgy Spy Messenger Apps Details

3) GPS Location Tracker

It is one of the tools that provide you virtual assistance to track someone’s GPS location without root. Users can spy on teens and employers and get real-time locations. It further gets route maps of the target person. Users can use a GPS tracker to create an electronic fence on the map to mark safe and dangerous places.

Sub Features:

4) Surround Recorder

You can listen through the walls using surround recorder software. It allows users to spy on their android phone surroundings. Users can use a non-rooted android spy app to hack a microphone to record and listen to the surround voices, chats, and conversations.

5) Capture Screenshots

Users can watch every activity on a cell phone screen by capturing images remotely. You can capture back-to-back screenshots on android without root.  It empowers you to schedule screenshots capturing activities via the OgyMogy dashboard.

6) VoIP Calls Recorder

It is non-rooted spy solution that allows users to record one-side audio and video calls on social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Line and more. VoIP call recorder is an exclusive feature of best android spy app. Users can download the recorded voice calls data for evidence.

7) Email Spy

Email monitoring software can monitor sent and received emails on cell phones without changing the operating system of the target phone. You can watch the data and content of the emails.

8) Key logs

Keystrokes logger is a non-rooted spy tool that captures keystrokes pressed on the target phone keypad in real-time and with the schedule.

These are the most advanced, non-rooted, hidden, and undetectable spying solutions for android. You can get your hands on the spy software for android, and there is no better other than the OgyMogy app to spy on android phones using no-root features.

Let’s know how to spy on android using non-rooted spying software –OgyMogy.

Spy On Android Phone Without Root: OgyMogy Step By Steps Guide

You can track android cell phones and tablet devices using OgyMogy spy software on your target non-rooted cell phone. Here are the installation guides lines that can do miracles.

Step1: Subscribe to OgyMogy spy Application

Always choose to subscribe to monitoring software for cell phones that work on both rooted and non-rooted phones –OgyMogy. Get a subscription by the visiting website and receive an email with a password and ID.

Step2: Get your target phone into your access

Get physical access to the non-rooted mobile device and start the installation process. You don’t need to get administrative access to the target device and activate the spy software on your target phone.

Step3: Activate the online dashboard for spying

You can use the credentials to access the web control panel. Moreover, you can visit the features section. Activate all the non-rooted features mentioned earlier and get information from the target android device.

Best Option! Non-rooted Or Rooted Android Spying App

We are here to guide you on the best option for a user. Suppose you are too good at technical things on the web, then you should go for rooted spy software for your cellphone. Non-tech savvy doesn’t dare to use root monitoring solutions. They will lose the device warranty, security, and stability of the operating system.

Non-rooted spy app features best for parental controls

Parents are more likely to be non-tech-savvy these days, and they cannot indulge in such a mess rooting an android phone without any technical knowledge. OgyMogy has introduced a spy app with non-rooted monitoring features. It enables parents to set parental control on android phones. You can safeguard your kids without making changes to your kid’s android phone.

Rooted android tracking features best for employers

Business professionals that want to keep workers under constant surveillance and in the age of technology, they are technically sound. So, rooted spy app features can do the magic for business professionals by getting admin access to the android device. They can make changes in the OS of the device. Employers can track and monitor employees‘ GPS location, productivity, communication, and many more.

Top three rooted & non-rooted spy solutions for android

Here are apps for an android spy that is well-known and has loyal users. All three are tough, valuable, and provide the best rooted and non-rooted spying apps for android:

  • OgyMogy
  • TheOneSpy
  • Flexispy


OgyMogy is the best android spy software with no-root features in 2022. However, it is equally beneficial for rooted devices as well. The application works with root and no-root options on any android phone. It is best for setting parental monitoring and to spy on business devices.