OgyMogy monitoring app for individuals

Now monitor your digital phones, tablets and computers for data safety

you can make sure the safety of your private data in terms of contacts, videos, photos, and other sort of stuff by uploading all the data to the OgyMogy web control panel. However, install it on your cellphones, tablets and laptop desktop devices of different OS. Gone are the days when lost, theft or broken devices end up with the huge data loss. No matter how many devices you lose or broke data will remain safe and kept in complete secrecy.

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Individual Monitoring
Call History

Call History

User can monitor incoming and outgoing calls alongside call history and contact related info of call makers.View Call History

Browsing History

Browsing History

Track browsing activities of your mobile device, and computer devices installed browsers to know your activities at the end of the month.View Browsing History

Calendar Activities

Calendar Activities

Keep monitoring your own made appointments on your mobile calendar and keep its data to control panel.View Calender Activities

SMS History

SMS History

Track on your SMS history and keep saving your SMS history data and go through again on messages when needed.View SMS History

Track stolen phone

Track stolen phone

You can track your stolen handset by tracking pinpoint location and monitor stolen phone route map virtually.Track stolen phone

Data Backup

Data Backup

User can create backup for every single entry you have made in terms of data or activities.View Data Backup



Save all precious videos data stored on your phone by creating backup for every single file on OgyMogy web portal.View Saved Videos



Get back up for all the photos you have stored on phone, captured via handset or laptop camera or downloaded from web.View Saved Photos

Android Monitoring App

How Android Monitoring app helpful for Individuals?

Android mobiles and tablets have become our companions. We used to save plenty of stuff on our digital devices. From precious passwords to bank information, from private photos to videos, from music files to calendar activities, everything is valuable. Android tracking app on your phone enables you to create backup against all the precious data stored on your device. Thanks to the OgyMogy that back up all of your precious information into its web control panel once you have installed it on your android. In an emergency, you can simply download all of your data from the dashboard no matter if your smartphone gets broken or get stolen.

  • Backup the data of your stolen mobile device
  • Save your precious photos stored on your handset
  • Save your videos data available on your mobile device
  • Use OgyMogy dashboard to back up everything on your device
  • Clone android mobile to shift the data from one device to another
Track on Android

How Windows Monitoring app helpful for Individuals?

Windows PCs whether it is laptop or desktop device usually left unattended at school, business office and on other places. So, there are chances someone tempers your laptop device stored data or someone steals your device from anywhere then it would be a terrible problem for you. Keep looking for your device but as far as data is concerned you can retrieve all the data back if you have already installed windows tracking software on your PC. It enables you to sync all the data stored on the device to an online control panel from where you can get your entire data back into your hands.

  • An individual should install Windows Monitoring app on PC
  • Get all the lost data back again using OgyMogy web control panel
  • Protect your confidential office documents and precious emails data
  • Restore all of your photos, videos, banking information and many more from PC
  • Track your stolen laptop device location remotely and virtually
Windows Monitoring App
Windows Monitoring


An individual can remotely set data upload preferences and upload or sabotage data uploading according to their needs.View Flexibility



Individual user can record his keystrokes applied on their computer to see applied passwords, and conversations.View Keylogger

Track Stolen Phone

Track Stolen Device

An individual can remotely track the Gps location of his lost or stolen computer device using GPS location tracker.Track Stolen Device

Manage Contact List

Screen Recording

An individual can record everything running on the screen if he/she has left the mac unattended anywhere.Get Screen Recording

How MAC Monitoring app helpful for Individuals?

Mac laptops and desktops are precious devices and obviously, if someone has stored the data on it then it would be worthy enough as well. Confidential information, private photos, videos, documents and things like that are important for every individual user. Let’s suppose for a while if you being an individual lost your mac laptop device or someone has stolen it from you. You may think you have lost it all, but if you have already installed mac tracking software on your device then you can get back all the data stored on the computer. Moreover, it empowers you to track the exact and current location of your device that you can monitor virtually and get it back.

  • Monitor and manage contacts without accessing the phone
  • Create data backup for all the documents, files and information stored on computer
  • Retrieve all the data back of your stolen mac laptop device remotely
  • Track the pinpoint location of your stolen or lost device on web portal
  • Get all the incoming & outgoing emails data on computer
MAC Monitoring App

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