OgyMogy Tablet spy software -Best one to uphold digital parenting

Parents can get a driven sense of obligation using tablet monitoring app when it comes to tracking of android tablets of children to set parental control. Further, provide you the cunning edge before inappropriate activities of children online.

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Use OgyMogy spy app to unveil kids’ digital spaces on tablets

Shielding kid’s digital space is the priority of parents and when the concerns ring the bell they become curious and concerned. Tracking of tablet device provides you powerful tools to get rid of all parental concerns you have in your mind. Protect kids from sexting, cyber bullying, screen addiction and inappropriate usage of social media apps.

  • Get social networking apps logs installed on kid’s digital devices
  • Monitor text messages, MMS and SMS on target device and social media messages
  • OgyMogy web portal give you data backup for photos, images, videos and for documents
  • Track secret whereabouts & set forbidden zones for kids using Geo –fence
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Why Tablet tracking app is the best tool for kid’s protection online?

Ramifications of kid’s encounters with the kids online using social media apps and instant messengers are unbelievable and brutal. So, parents can discover with surveillance software for tablets what they are exactly doing in the presence of the internet and social media on mini computers like tablets. Parents can expose every single activity of kids before they are going to discuss with strangers online. You can remotely come to know the direction of a conversation of children with alleged cyber predators like cyber bullies, stalkers, and people with racist and radical minds. You can protect children with:

  • Spy on social messaging apps chats, sharing of media and text conversations
  • Monitor emails sent or received on target device
  • Live screen recording to of target device screen to come across the reality
  • Remote screenshots capturing ability let you know the exact situations of kids are into
  • Remote camera and Microphone hacking to listen & view surrounds of teens
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How tablet surveillance software is best to execute employee monitoring?

Companies owned devices are supposed to perform productive work, beneficial for the growth of revenue. However, employees used to of wasting time in working hours on tablets, cellphones and PCs, you can monitor your employees all activities and further prevent data breaching, and activities against the company’s policy. Use employee tracking app and get:

  • Use Ogymogy online web portal to have data backup of tablets owned by the company
  • Track GPS location of employees deployed outside the company’s premises
  • Monitor conversations & shared documents on tablets
  • Get time to time reports by capturing screenshots
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