Ogymogy Billing Policy

Ogymogy billing policy has provided user easy methods for the payment and for the access to it. The policy will be implemented the day you have signed up to use ogymogy. Under the shadow of the specific points, that are generally unknown, the policy may get changes. All the changes that have been made in the policy will be notified to all the users. The information that you have submitted, the new policy clauses will be used accordingly. Here is the policy:

  • Payment is possible through Credits Cards Master, Visa.
  • When a subscriber used the credit cards, all the relevant taxes will be applied according to the subscription fee.
  • In case the payment has not made by the user for the renewal of the license, the account will be suspended by default temporarily or permanently according to the situation.
  • If the user has been asked frequently for the payment, then the deadline would be the 24 hours, after that account will be terminated temporarily or permanently.
  • In–case the payment information of the user changes, and then he/she need to informed about the all the changes being made via an email if the outstanding dues are the liability of the user.
  • If your credit card gets expired during the usage of ogymogy, then the outstanding balance would be the liability of the user. So, we demand accurate information from the user end.
  • The account of the user that has been suspended due to some odd reasons will not be renewed automatically, because we don’t provide automated renewal option. Therefore, users have to face the renewal process as done at the time of new purchase. However, it can possible through user online control panel or via Buy Now page. You can make contact to the customer support if you have found any issue for renewal.

Refund Policy of ogyMogy

Similarly to the billing policy, the refund policy has been explained. It has been made for the best service for the user. If you have faced an unsolved issue relevant to the ogymogy app, then the refund policy comes forward for the security of the user interest. Before, we go to the policy; you need to keep in mind the following:

OS Platforms & supported web browser:

Ogymogy is not compatible with each and every single platform or operating system. It is supported for Android and iOS. So, before you are going to subscribe for anyone one of the ogymogy plans, you need to make sure that your target device is compatible with the Ogymogy application software.

Ogymogy application can only be downloaded by using “Mozilla Firefox” and on android devices and gadgets.

Refund Eligibility:

  • User has to install the ogymogy app and then test the services we have offered to you.
  • In case the user have faced issues technically while using the features, then user has to visit the customer care online within 24 hours to fix the issues. However, if he/she is not convinced technically, then user can ask for the refund.
  • If the user has not tested the ogymogy application software, then the refund will not be entertained at all no matter if the request has been made within 24 hours.
  • User has to explain the refund along with the logical issues at the time of requesting for the refund. The complete information of the issues and reason will evaluate for the refund and will be calculated accordingly.
  • Request being made after 15 days for refund will not be considered at all.

Note: User has to make the refund request within 15 days after the subscription. The refund will be made if the user has tested our services and have found logical technical issues.

Policy for Lump Sum Return:

  • In case a feature is not working and it does not compatible with device whatsoever, then 40% would be refunded to the user.
  • If any user doesn’t like to use the app once he/she has got the subscription and don’t show interest or have purchased mistakenly. Then refund will not be entertained at all, no matter if the user has requested for the refund within 24 hours. Because the user doesn’t fall under the refund policy and if the users have faced technical issues with ogymogy application software then you can make contact with the customer care and solve the issues.
  • If an iPhone user has purchased the license and then he realized his/her cell phone needs jailbreak, then the user can claim for the refund within 24 hours and will 45% refund.
  • If the Android user doesn’t want to root the target android device for the app, then he/she can claim for the refund within 24 hours and will get 20% refund of the total payment.
  • In–case the user has made a claim that he is unable to install the app on the target device and tutorial and video guidelines seems tough, then he/she can 20% refund of the total payment he/she has made and the request should be made within three days.

Provision of Additional Days:

  • If user that doesn’t have availed the chance to install ogymogy on the target device after he/she has got the subscription due to some odd reasons. The user can contact the customer care team. Then we will provide an extension of the installation for up to 15 days.

Refund method:

  • You have to make a request for the sake of refund via email at [email protected] that is entertained by the sales department.
  • Once you have made the request Via Email, just need to notify of our online assistant to quicker the refund method.
  • Keep in mind that request will not be made via support chat.
  • Refund method will take 24hrs up to 14 working days, counting between Mondays to Friday.

Note: We have the rights to repay an order and suspend the support and as well as the services if you are violating the laws and using the services for illegal motives.