OgyMogy App Privacy Policy

With the reference of the GDPR European law, we reserve the data of the users up to 45 days only and after it will outmodedly get removed. Furthermore, we have empowered the user to remove their personal data whenever they want by making a couple of clicks.


The policy is applicable for you, the user of the particular website and ogymogy owner and the contributor of this website. However, the scheme also applies to our use of any and the data gathered by us when you get the services or systems from our website.

Terms & Meanings

In this particular policy, there are following terms would have the certain meaning given below:


Accumulatively, all gathered information such as personal, Payment methods, user’s credentials in order to have access to the material or communications tool on the website;


it means text, designs, graphics, images, audios, videos, software, data gathering and other types of information that could be stored in the computer that seen on or structure part of the particular website;


a little file based on text present on your computer by ogymogy at the time you visits particular stages of the website. It will really help out us to know about the visitors in order to realize their browsing habits on the website. At the place where e-commerce facilities are delivered, cookies are usually used to store for list card of your overall shopping on the website.


it means your entire data the user submits on the website. It may include, but not necessarily lemmatize, details of the account and all the information stored by using any of the services or systems.


Ogymogy software for cell phone monitoring


It means the online facilities; tools, services and all the information the ogymogy provide the user on its website currently or in the upcoming future;


An online system of communication or infrastructure that ogymogy provides the user on its website currently and in near future. It also includes, but it is not restricted to, emails, message boards, and live chatting system and further via with emails links;

“User”/ “Users”:

Simply, it means anyone who gets access to the website and is not employed ogymogy and behaving in the course of their employment; and

There is no limitation, but the following mentioned terms data may get collected

  • NAME
  • Contact information is all about email address & telephone or cell phone numbers;
  • Demographic credentials such as postcode, preferences, & interests
  • Financial information is based on cards Debit/Credit card number;
  • The IP address (automated collection)
  • Online browser type and version (automatically collected)
  • Operating systems/OS (automated collection)
  • URLS collective list get started with referral site, your actions on the particular website, and the other site you exit to automated collection; and
  • Cookie information (see clause no. 10)

“Contact us”:

Please contact us on Support for having any query about to this privacy policy, or for the sake of any changes for the personal information that you have provided us, or for the removal of the data from our database.