OgyMoGy Best Android Monitoring Features

Call Logs

User can remotely view calls logs of incoming and outgoing calls happens to be on the target android cell phone, tablets and pads.


Monitor text messages sent or received on the target android smartphone with complete time schedule.


User can get access to the photos stored in the target android phone gallery whether captured via android phone camera, downloaded through cyberspace, received via emails and MMS.

Browsing History

User can view all the visited websites by the target android user and then save it over the internet.


User can also view bookmarked websites on your target android cell phone installed browser.

Location tracker

Track the GPS location of your target android phone along with location history and exact and current location.


You can get access to the gallery of the target mobile phone device of android phone and can view available videos

Calendar Activities

You can view calendar appointments made by the target android user saved for as a reminder in the android cell phone


You can remotely view the list of installed apps and newly installed apps on the target android cell phone device

Use OgyMogy Android monitoring app contemporary tools developed for parenting purposes

OgyMogy empowers parents to impose monitoring on kid’s android gadgets with the help of innovative, efficient and result oriented features of android monitoring software. Make a click on the list and get state of the art tool to monitor android devices.


Monitor Android Devices Remotely
Explore Android Parental Monitoring Software Powerful Tools


Recorded Calls

You can record and listen to the live calls on the target android cell phone with complete time stamp and then save to the online control panel

IM Recorded Voice

All the sent and received VOIP messages of the IM messenger Facebook Voice messages, WhatsApp, IMO and telegram


You can control the target android cell phone MIC and then record and listen to the surround voices and sounds with android MIC Bug app


You can view IM’s call type such as incoming and outgoing audio or video alongside duration and time stamp



Monitor the complete contact list of your target android gadgets with contacts of android monitoring app.

Gmail Monitoring

Monitor emails of Gmail sent or received along with the name of the sender on android


Monitor all the keystrokes pressed on the target android smartphone


Wifi,GPS,Carrier Name

You can check Wi-Fi connectivity on the target android device, location of the phone, and cellular network name

Sim Number,IMEI,Device Model

User can get to know the target device,contact number, IMEI number and device model name


You can remotely get to know battery left on the target android mobile phone, storage and last but not the least memory information


WhatsApp chat

View chat logs and monitor complete contact list of WhatsApp messenger running on android

Snapchat Events

Get to know all the Snapchat activities by Snapchat screen shot

Facebook chat

Monitor and view Facebook chats logs on the target android gadgets

Viber chat

Track Viber chat on android and come to know the chat conversations

Line chat

Monitor entire line text conversations logs on android phone with complete time stamp

Skype chat

View and read skype chats logs on the android cell phone with complete time schedule


Vidspycam bug

Make short videos of the surrounds and view the visuals by controlling front and back camera

Password Record

Monitor pattern passwords, digit passwords of android home screen and unlock the phone

Control SMS

Remotely block text messages on the target android gadget

Restrict Call

Remotely block unknown incoming calls on the target android phone

Restrict Internet Access

Remotely block teens internet access while driving on the target device

Control Apps

User can remotely monitor and control the device with remotely phone controller of android monitoring software

Remove Apps

User can remotely wipe out all the inappropriate apps on target device

Sync Settings

Android monitoring app enable user to ON & OFF all the features or particular feature remotely using sync settings

Wipe Logs

Remotely wipe out all the data stored and applications on the target android phone using wipe logs tool


Kid’s android monitoring at finger tips

Makes your digital parenting job easier than ever before, empower you to monitor kid’s android cellphone, tablets and pads and provide user –friendly interface to the fullest. All in one android parenting solution!

OgyMogy Android Screen Recordings Software
Record and Monitor Un-rooted Android Devices

Camera Screen Recording

Monitor the screen of the android phone when the camera is activated and view activities happens through it

On-demand screen recording

You can send command on the target android and do screen recording of the activities happen on the screen

G-mail screen recording

Monitor emails of Gmail through Gmail screen recording when Gmail used by the target android user

Snapchat screen recording

You can monitor Snapchat messenger running on the android with Snapchat screen recording

WhatsApp screen recording

Make videos of the android screen when messenger is activated on the phone screen

YouTube Screen Recording

Monitor YouTube on the target android phone when target person is using YouTube.

Facebook Screen Recording

Make short videos of the android cell phone screen when Facebook messenger is running on the screen

Kik Screen recording

You can make short videos of the screen when Kik messenger is in use on the target android phone

Line Screen Recording

Monitor activities happen on the Line messenger when user login to it on the android screen

Skype Screen recording

Monitor activities happen on the skype messenger running on target android screen

Tumblr Screen Recording

Now discover the activities on the Tumblr if running on the target android cell phone

Viber Screen Recording

Make back to back short videos of the android screen if the viber messenger is login by the user on their device

We–Chat Screen Recording

It helps you to supervise the activities performed on the We-chat incase running on the android cell phone

IMO Screen Recording

Keep an eye on IMO social messaging app if running on the target android gadgets as phone, tablets and Pads

SMS Screen Recording

Monitor text messages sent or received on the android by making short videos of the screen

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Why Android monitoring software is the best?

OgyMogy Android monitoring app is one of the most advanced and widely used monitoring software of all time. No matter what type of activities happen on the target android smartphones of your kids and teens. OgyMogy android monitoring is the best tool to prevent all the vulnerabilities your child may get involved. However, from chat conversations, android phone calls, shared media files, sent received messages, used social messaging apps, visited websites on cell phone browser to send or received emails none of the possibility that it cannot be monitored through android monitoring software. Android monitoring app is ultimate tool for digital parenting and employee monitoring purposes.


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