The Call History Tracker can track android call logs & locations with the schedule.

Now remotely track the android device of your child or employee to view call history. Users can track incoming, outgoing, and missed call logs details with caller names and call locations with the call tracker app. It empowers to see whom your child or employee has received calls with the schedule. Keep looking into your target cellphones at the time and place of your choosing.

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Call History Tracker
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Monitor Call Logs with Phone Call History Tracker

Would you like to get complete call logs of the target android cell phone device? Are you struggling to do that –use the OgyMogy phone call tracker online to track call logs of incoming and outgoing calls, location, caller name, duration, and number on cellphones and tablets. It makes you track call location history of android to get call logs details. The call history tracking app empowers you to access the target phone to view call history like the number, and exact location with the schedule.

Call History Tracker

OgyMogy Call Location Tracking App designed for:

From a Parental perspective:

Parents these days are running with suspicions about teens' long cellphone calls and have concerns and questions in their minds. They can use the call tracker app to check call history online the android devices of children and get the logs of all the calls made on the target device. Parents can unveil call duration, the number of contacted person, and even get to know who has made calls on the android tablet device. Furthermore, parents get the schedule and location and get to know whether teens are making or receiving calls from strangers or friends. You can protect your children from stranger dangers, drug abuse, blind dating, and virtual interaction with stalkers via cell phone incoming and outgoing calls. Parents can view call logs on Android phones and get to know what kids are up to on cell phone calls.

Call History Tracker

Call History Tracker

From a Business perspective:

Business professionals cannot afford workers who breach business privacy and share confidential information with any competitive third party. So, employers can check calls history online employees used to make on the company’s owned digital phones and tablets. They can get the call logs instantly on business-owned devices using the OgyMogy call history tracker. Call location tracker enables employers to whom employees are making calls during working hours to keep the confidentiality of business secrets in safe hands. Business professionals can use best call history tracking tools to train customer service representatives to enhance business productivity and reputation. They can view the examine how their customer service representative dealing with the clients, and how much they engage their clients by watching calls duration, and location.

Call history tracking software empowers you to:

  • Phone call tracker can view call History, duration, location, and phone number with schedule
  • Track incoming and outgoing calls details on android with call tracking software
  • Check time stamp of every single call
  • Track live call location of the caller
  • Record the call duration on target phone
  • Get the cellphone number of contact person
  • Live call location tracking online
  • Get to know about strangers incoming calls
  • Gather call logs information of an employee on customer service

OgyMogy Features that provide you a complete insight into the android cellphone for digital parenting & employee monitoring.

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