Make IMO spy easier than ever with IMO screen recorder

The end to end encrypted social messaging app and also known as for free video messaging chat app. It is compatible with android and other OS cellphones and tablets. Further, you can do group chats, share multimedia, free voice calling, and messages. You can do surveillance on instant messenger with screen recording software for IMO. You can record videos back to back when someone is using messenger on their digital device. Furthermore, upload recorded data to the OgyMogy dashboard and it also allows you to download the data anytime. It makes IMO tracking easier than ever with IMO screen recorder.

imo screen recorder

Screen recorder software for IMO designed for:

For Parental perspective:

Free video calls and chat happens to biggest nightmares of all time for young kids and teens since contemporary mobiles and tablets enable them to use social messaging apps. Cyber stalking, cyber bullying, and cyber sexual solicitation have dramatically increased and make victim teens on social networking platforms. Parents can monitor and record teen’s instant messenger activities with screen recording software for IMO. It records live videos on teen’s digital phones running with a social networking app. You can upload the recorded material to the dashboard and you can see the videos of the screen by downloading the videos.

imo screen recorder Parental

imo screen recorder Business

For Business perspective:

Business entities allow their employees to use instant messenger for free communication within the working hours to discuss tasks and other work-related activities. An employer can read secretly chat happens between the employees and calls for personal reasons in working hours. Employers can get the chat history and voice and video call logs with a live screen tracking app for android. It empowers you to discover all the activities employees have done on social media app running on business-owned devices. You can get to know by a live recording of the employee's device screen activate with messenger and then upload the data on the web control panel. You can see the recording by downloading the videos from the web.

OgyMogy screen tracking for IMO enables you to:

  • Record videos, messages and chat on social media app
  • Record all IM’s activities active on target android phone
  • Monitor multimedia shared on target device messenger
  • Protect teens from social messaging dangers
  • Track employees live activities on business owned installed IM’s
  • Record the activity of Voice messages on tablet installed social networking app