Spy on line with Line screen recorder software

Instant messengers are the best free communication tools in the world on contemporary android devices. Now you can monitor messenger incoming and outgoing messages and further you can capture and upload chats, multimedia shared, voice and video calls, on the messenger, activate on android. Screen recorder software for line empowers you to record live short videos of the screen. You will get an online account to upload all the data on the web control panel and you can watch live recorded videos.

line screen recorder

Line screen recording app designed for:

For Parental perspective:

Line social messaging app is quite famous among youngsters and they interact with the people online using the messenger on their digital mobile devices. Parents can do surveillance on kid’s activities in terms of messages, chats, group chats, voice and video calls and last but not the least Voice messages. Parents can see all these activities on target android phone with screen monitoring app for android. You can record videos in a sequence and then watch the videos using the OgyMogy dashboard once after you have done with the process of installation on the target device of teens.

line screen recorder Parental

line screen recorder Business

For Business perspective:

Business organizations have to have communicational tools to exchange conversations within and shared documents, assigning tasks and many other activities alike. However, employees use line instant messenger for personal activities with family and friends in working hours. In many reported cases employees have breached and leaked secrecy of the business to third parties. So, employers can track all the activities of employees in working hours on the target device installed social messaging app. Record short videos of the screen with a live screen tracking app and upload the data of the short videos to the dashboard. You can see every single activity performed on an android tablet running with IM’s.

OgyMogy line screen recorder software for Android enables you to:

  • Monitor incoming and outgoing messages
  • Record &read chats conversation on IM’s
  • Get to know about shared media logs
  • Track audio video call logs on social messaging app
  • Spy on teens secret instant messenger’s activities
  • Get to know what employees are doing on chats