Live stream & broadcast Android cameras with live camera streaming spy

It enables the user to get access to the unseen and unheard surrounds of android and get live streaming of the situation with live camera streaming spy software. It can control and connect the target cellphone rear and front camera to the Ogymogy control panel to get live broadcasting of the target device surrounds with audio. So, you can see what is happening on the target device surrounds in real-time.

Live cameras stream broadcast

Live camera streaming spying app designed for:

For Parental perspective:

Parents get worried when children come home very late after finishing school and the exchange of arguments becomes imminent. Now, parents remotely discover where kids and teens are used to hanging out after coming from college. They can see the live visuals of teens and children having connectivity with rear and front cameras of their android device which tells the long story short in real-time. So, parents can make sure juveniles' safety from stalkers, bullies, drug abuse and even from abduction.

Live camera stream Parental

Live camera stream Business

For Business perspective:

Employers can help out themselves knowing the exact situation of workforce activities deployed outside the premises of the company remotely. Don’t be shocked! You can get to know what employees are up to and whether they are present on the appointed place or hanging out elsewhere. A business owner can use live camera streaming spying software to come closer to the reality using Ogymogy control panel on digital phones and tablets owned by the company. It keeps updated owners about employee’s presence, productivity and activities.

OgyMogy live camera streaming software enables you to:

  • View live broadcasting of target phone surrounds
  • Live streaming of surround voices and talks
  • Analyze the exact situation of target cellphone user
  • Remote examination of target cellphone user with accuracy
  • Track teens hidden whereabouts and activities having documented proofs
  • Let’s you to know the employees deployed outside the company’s premises