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Live surround listening spy app can record voice chat, sounds of android surroundings

OgyMogy surrounds recording software that can record the surroundings of an android phone. You can take control of the target device microphone and connects it with the dashboard. It can record surround chat, voices, and conversations and upload the data on the web control panel. Users can visit the online portal and listen to the surroundings to the fullest.

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live surrounds listening spy

Listen to Android surrounds in real –time with OgyMogy live surround listening spy

Now live listening to the imperceptible surround voices and conversations on someone android device is possible. It’s a great way to spy on the people you care about and on those, you want to take under constant monitoring for security purposes by connecting MIC of target device with android spy software control panel. It will provide you real-time access to surrounds of the target person having a cellphone or tablet and makes you listen to the live surround chats, gossips and possible stuff happening without any delay.

live surrounds listening spy

OgyMogy Live surround listening tracking app designed for:

For Parental perspective:

Parents doubt that teens are having time with strangers, predators after coming from the school and them have got hidden places and got involved in drug abuse. They can remotely get to know the behavior of teens at school and after school using live surround listening software on android phones. They can remotely get to know the hidden whereabouts by listening to the conversations in the surrounds of teens on android. Parents can further judge the types of activities teens and kids are doing by listening to live chats, voices, and title tattles of children.

live surrounds listening spy business

live surrounds listening spy business

For business perspective:

Business owners running with suspicious thinking regarding certain employees can listen to the conversations and gossips behind their back with android surround listening spying software. They can hear everything sitting in their office and get to know what employees are talking about. They can remotely connect the MIC of android devices provided to the employees with the Ogymogy web portal. Further, employers can listen to the sneaky conversations of the workforce and stay updated all the time.

Live Surround listening spying enables you to:

  • Live listening to conversations on android surrounds
  • Connects target phone MIC with tracking software web portal
  • Listen to surrounds to know whereabouts of target person
  • Live streaming of voices and chats happening around Android
  • Track teens and kids whereabouts by listening to the voices
  • Listen to the conversations of dishonest employees/workplace bullies

OgyMogy Features that provide you a complete insight into the android cellphone for digital parenting & employee monitoring.

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