Read MMS on Android cellphone remotely using MMS Tracking software.

You can use the MMS Tracker App to monitor MMS messages alongside the pictures, videos, and audio on Android. Parents can track multimedia media messages of the teens and employers. Employers can keep an eye on their business devices. You can remotely get access to the target device and track on sent/received MMS.

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Track on MMS messages with MMS Tracker App

Most of us don’t know the difference between the SMS and MMs but in multimedia messaging service you can use text alongside videos, photos and as well as audios. You can send it as simply as you can use to of sending other SMS messages. Make MMS tracking possible with a cell phone monitoring app. You can easily get to track sent and received text messages with images, videos and audios with time stamp and further you can download it using the OgyMogy control panel. Now nothing would leave unseen on cellphone sent received messages anymore.

mms Tracker

MMS monitoring app designed for:

For Parental perspective:

We all know that everything has their pluses and minuses and the same is the case with the sending and receiving multimedia messages on digital phones. When it comes to digital parenting parents are desperate to track on multimedia messaging service activities of juveniles. Seemingly it is just a communication tool but it can lead a young tween to share their private photos and videos to strangers and predators online that will impact seriously at the end of the day. So, parents can use MMS tracking software for android to track sent received content on the target device.

mms Tracker Parental

mms Tracker Business

For Business perspective:

Business owned devices are particularly provided to employees for the sake of productivity. However, employees use the company’s mobile devices for personal activities and they do communication with friends and family. Sending and receiving multimedia media messaging is one of the time-wasting activities in working hours. It also enables employees to share workplace privacy. Employers can track on multimedia messaging service activities of employees on their assigned smartphones with MMS monitoring software. It will keep employers updated on what they are sharing in MMS messages using business-owned Android devices. Once employees got to know they are under surveillance of their boss their productivity will increase for sure.

MMS tracking tool for cellphones enables you to:

  • Remotely get your eyes on messages with media on target device
  • View shared photos sent or received in messages
  • Get to know about the short videos sent
  • Get the audio files shared in the multimedia messages service
  • Get every single multimedia message with time stamp
  • Download the content of the multimedia messaging activity
  • Monitor teens activities via text messaging alongside media

Android tracking app Features that should to be at your disposal for the sake of kids & business safety

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