Track phone Book of an Android to monitor contacts remotely

Now monitor any cellphone device remotely and track the entire phone book to check all the contacts stored on the target phone. Parents can view all the phone contacts of the teens and employers on business –owned cellphones. You can restrict your employee's use of phones for official purposes only. You can track phone Book of an Android to monitor contacts remotely at any point in time.

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Monitor Phone Contacts

Monitor phone contacts with phone tracking app

Contemporary android devices enable the user to save plenty of contacts of the people that you want to stay in touch with all the time. Cellphone tracking app is a kind of high –tech tool that is capable of monitoring entire contacts saved on the target device. It empowers you to do remote surveillance on the entire contacts book of target device users including contact list, name, address and numbers that is been saved on the device of your loved ones, friends and business-related.

Monitor phone contacts

OgyMogy Monitor phone contacts tool designed for:

For Parental perspective:

The young generation has got spoiled since they have access to the digital world, particularly on social messaging apps and online dating apps. Teens do exchange contacts with strangers online and save the numbers into the contacts list of mobile phones. They start making chats and voice calls with strangers. Parents can get rid of concerns like teens involvements in strangers by remote tracking on their mobile contacts. They can get access to the entire phone book of kid’s android device and get to know either addition or deletion of a contact number with the OgyMogy parental control app.

Monitor phone contacts Parental

Monitor phone contacts Business

For Business perspective:

A businessman always keeps their digital devices save put an accident of losing of theft can make them lose important contacts of clients, partners, and traders. They can install mobile monitoring software to clone an android device when needed and shift all the data of contacts from one device to another. However, they can further create data backup of all the contacts saved on their digital phones and tablets with the OgyMogy online dashboard.

Android tracking software tool enables you to:

  • Monitor contacts of android mobile & tablets
  • Remotely get to know all the newly added contacts on target device
  • Monitor teen’s mobile numbers list
  • Retrieve all the contacts of your lost or theft mobile device
  • Clone an android device saved contacts & shift contacts from one device to another
  • Get to know about contact number other than friends & family on teen’s device

Android tracking app Features that should to be at your disposal for the sake of kids & business safety

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