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Send Remote Dashboard commands on cellphone using OgyMogy web portal

You can use this remote commands feature to remotely send multiple actions on the target device using ogymogy web portal once you have installed a mobile tracker app on the target device. You can send the bug to record and listen to the surrounds chat conversations, sounds, and many other activities. Moreover, users can send commands to capture several screenshots with a single tap in the online control panel. However, users can remotely block internet access, incoming calls and plenty of other activities by sending commands remotely on target cellphones. Once the commands have received on the target device it will start working and provide phone tracking results in the dashboard.

remote dashboard commands

OgyMogy cell phone tracker software designed for:

For Parental perspective:

Mobile tracker software is the best tool for parents to track plenty of activities of teens on their phones by sending remote dashboard commands. Users can send multiple commands listen to the surroundings and control the MIC of the device. The parent can capture screenshots remotely, and perform video recording of the surrounds having control over cell phone cameras and to capture images remotely. Moreover, parents can remotely lock unlock the device of teens if they have left their device to unlock. Once, parents have completed the installation process of tracking software for mobile then they can perform remote dashboard commands on target devices no matter what.

remote dashboard commands Parental

remote dashboard commands Business

For Business perspective:

Now employers can get to know what employees have discussed today behind the back of their boss. Moreover, you can come to know what sort of activities they have done on the business owned devices in working hours. Employers can use a phone tracking app on the business-owned device and send dashboard commands to control phone microphones, cameras to listening to the surround voices and discussions and further make screenshots to know the activities on the screen with a timestamp. Moreover, parents can block incoming calls, text messages and even internet access on the target device. So, parents can make sure they are having good activities with their peers in real-life and as well as on the web.

Phone tracker app feature dashboard commands enable you to:

  • Send commands remotely on target device listen to surrounds
  • Remote microphone and cameras control activities
  • Make screenshots, capture images, record videos
  • Spy on teen’s cell phone activities and activities in surrounds
  • Get to know what sort of activities teens are doing on web & in real –life
  • Monitor employee’s activities and listen to their discussions in your absence

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