What is OgyMogy Call History Tracker?

Call history tracker make user to get access to all the call history logs saved on target cell phone device such as incoming and outgoing calls along with the complete time stamp. It further allow user to view all call history logs to the fullest.

Get to Know Incoming & Outgoing Calls Call History Logs

Track Incoming calls

You can remotely listen to the device surround sounds and conversations with the use of live surround listening spy software in real –time and get to know to whom your kids and teens are talking or what sort conversations employees are up to behind your back to the fullest.

Track outgoing calls

OgyMogy cell phone monitoring app enables you to track outgoing calls on the target device of your kids or employees with the help of call history tracking tool. You will be to able know the timing of the conversations happens between the receiver and caller.

Track Calls duration

You can get to know the time period of your children cell phone calls and get to know how longer they stick with the phone. Moreover your employees may use company owned devices for phone calls for a long time, use call history tracker and then track calls duration.

View Complete Call History on your target phone remotely

OgyMogy call history tool provide you access to the complete call details such as incoming and outgoing calls on the target phone. You can do the magic as follows!

  • You can view the entire call information of a mobile phone number
  • Get the calls history of incoming and outgoing calls with the time stamp
  • Get the call history record by getting access to the online control panel
  • Any activity happen related to calls will be send to the online dashboard that gives the ability to view the details remotely. Read and learn from here that you can monitor phone contacts list of the target device.

OgyMOgy call logs Android provide you Assistant

Parents can feel relax and also put their all worries to rest if they have installed the cell phone monitoring app on the children’s cell phone. Because its call log feature enables them to view the call history of the children mobile phone and they can stay up to date with whom their kids and teens are making calls. Moreover, it is also effective when it comes to dealing with the employees using company’s owned android cell phones and gadgets to provide assistance to the clients. The employer can remotely view the call details of their employees to avoid waste of time or using the gadgets and cell phones for personal usage.