Some important features of Camera Bug

Video Camera Spy

A user can use it and remotely get control over the target android phone device front and back camera and can make short videos and then send it to the online control panel. Video camera spy app enables a user to send a push notification on the target device and once it’s been received it will start video recording using a rear and back camera of the target android device and remotely record videos secretly. A user can also schedule multiple video captured commands at once and get to know the reality of children activities.

Photos Camera Spy

Remotely capture photos on the target android device by getting control over the cell phone camera using photos camera spy app. send command on the target device when received the camera will start working and capture images and then send it to the control panel where you can get access easily using the credentials and can view captured photos. It means you can monitor your children’s cellphone camera via android photo tracker app and get to know at what place they are present at the moment and what are really doing by viewing photos captured remotely.

Camera Streaming

You can remotely view the activities happen where the target android device is present at the moment in real –time using a live camera streaming app. You can remotely activate the target mobile phone camera and can get live streaming of the place where the target cell phone device is available and you can get to know what your kids and teens are doing and you can get quick action in case of having an emergency. Send command on the target device cameras and the time it received it will provide the user’s live coverage of the place.

Remotely view surroundings of cell phone –with camera bug software

OgyMogy Camera control tool empower the user to remotely run the camera of the target phone to view surround visuals by capturing the images

Capture images of target phone surround with camera bugging app

OgyMogy camera monitoring app allow user to remotely control the target mobile phone camera to capture the surround images in order to view the whereabouts of the target. You can do it with camera bug app by controlling the target phone front and back camera.


Remotely capture photos of the surroundings with camera bug software

Camera bugging capable of what

  • Get control over back & front camera
  • Store captured stuff in OgyMogy dashboard
  • Trace the whereabouts of your target

OgyMogy camera bug tool enables a user to remotely control the target cell phone of android and IOS and a user can remotely operate both of the target smartphone cameras such as front and back. This will enable a user to view the surroundings of the target phone by capturing the images and photos then send to the online control panel. If parents want to know the children whereabouts and they already have installed the camera bug app on the target cell phone of android. Then they can get access to the web portal of the OgyMogy app and then visit the bugging tools and can operate the camera bug. Parents can use it remotely and can view the activities of kids and teens they are performing in their hidden whereabouts. They can use the phone bug as secret camera recorder and can capture images and photos of the surrounds and get to know the location alongside the use of GPS location tracker and even can use MIC bug that enables parents to listen to the surround conversations. Having the complete information of the whereabouts and exact location and further surround voices parents can come to know where kids and teens are present, what they are doing and to whom with they are.

How to view surroundings with OgyMogy Camera bug app?

Sign in

Subscribe for the OgyMogy cell phone monitoring app and receive the credentials such as passcode and ID and then use it the browser and get access to the cell phone monitoring app online control panel.

Visit menu & Camera bug

Once you have got the access to the online control panel of the OgyMogy monitoring app, then you need to visit the tools menu and find out the camera bug. Now make a click on it and to create a bug.

Send Camera Bug

After you have made the bugging commands, you can set number of intervals and then send to the target cell phone device. Once the command has received on the target phone it will start capturing the surround images and then send to the online control panel.

Surround images

Now you can get the captured images or photos by getting access to the online control panel and can view it for further assistance to trace the whereabouts of your kids and teens.

How to use camera bug tool?

Simply after getting access to the OgyMogy dashboard, all you need to do is to create a command or multiple commands and then send to the target cell phone. The moment the command has received on the target device it will start capturing the surround images and photos and then save to the online control panel. Where users have already got the access and can view the captured stuff.

How is it helpful for the users?

Obviously, OgyMogy is a parental control and employee monitoring software. Parents can use it for parenting reasons when needed such as to track the hidden whereabouts of kids and teens to protect them from bad activities such as partying, substance abuse and many other activities. On the other hand, it is as effective for monitoring employee’s surrounds when employers are not present in the office. They can capture surround photos and images and get to know what the employees are doing within the office within the working hours.