What is Camera Screen Recorder?

OgyMogy camera screen recorder helps the user out to make back to back short videos of the screen remotely and send all the recorded short videos to the online control panel. Get to know the activities happen on the target phone having access to the screen recorded videos.

Remotely Make Short Videos of Cellphone Screen Activities

Camera Screen Recording

When it comes to the recording of the videos, captured photos, and the entire activities happens through cell phone camera, camera recording app enable you to do recording of the camera activities. You will get to know how your kids and teens are using mobile phone camera to the fullest.

Camera Video recording

No matter how many videos are being recorded through the target cell phone using the camera video recording app. You will be able to view all the video recorded with the cell phone camera. Parents will be able to the nature of recorded videos either the videos are appropriate or in appropriate.

Activate camera recording

Install the OgyMOgy cell phone spy software on the target phone and get access to the online control panel and activate the camera recording tools such as videos recording, camera screen recording, and camera recording and get to know the use of the camera and activities being performed.

View all the activities performed through target cell phone camera with camera screen recording

OgyMogy online screen recorder enables a user to monitor the activities being performed by the target user with cell phone camera. It helps out user to do recording of the mobile phone screen when the camera is activated. You can do screen recording of the camera and get to know!

  • Captured photos
  • Videos
  • Filters
  • Cropping
  • Entire activities through camera

How Camera screen recorder works?

Simply install the cell phone monitoring app on the target phone and then get access to the online control panel and visit the screen recording tools and get your hands on camera screen recording feature. Now activate the OgyMogy screen recording app and do screen recording of the target cell phone when camera is activated. At the end of the day user will have all the activities performed with target cell phone camera.

How it is useful for parents?

Parents can remotely perform the screen recording of the target cell phone screen when the target user is using the cell phone camera. It means parents can get the video by getting access to online control panel and get to know the activities have performed through the camera of the target mobile phone device. Parents will stay up dated for what reason kids and teens using the camera of the phone and can avoid dangerous selfies, compromised videos and photos and to stop them being involved in self –obscenity.