What is Email Keystrokes Logging?

Email keystrokes logging can monitor the target cellphone device on which target user is up to on the Gmail. It allow user to get all the keystrokes applied on incoming and outgoing emails of Gmail. It means user can read the nature of the email content and get to know to whom email sent or received with complete time stamp.

Track emails of Gmail with Email Monitoring Software

Password Keystrokes

If you are looking forward to spy on the email running on the target android mobile phone, then use the email keystrokes logging and get access to the target device. Then you will get to know the password keystrokes of the email account and you can monitor all other activities to the fullest.


Once you have got the password keystrokes of the email ID running on the target android device. Then you can easily get access to the content or text of the email. All you need to do is to use the keystrokes logging of the mobile phone monitoring software on device.

Gmail Information

You can monitor the complete information of the email of Gmail running on the target cell phone device. All you need to do is to use the keystroke logging tool of the cell phone spy software that provides you all the keystrokes applied in the emails running on the device.

Email Keystrokes Logging Feature

As we heard of fact of the matter is keystroke logging falls under cybercrime. But when it comes to use it for parenting reasons and employee monitoring your point of view might get changed. Obviously, rise in the rise of cyber dangers in the digital world against young children and cyber ran somewhere attacks in the business organization has made parents and employers concerned. That’s why OgyMogy cellphone and computer monitoring has developed keystrokes logging app to deal monitor the keystrokes of children and employees devices respectively. Users have to get the consent of the target. Otherwise we don’t issue the license of email keystrokes logging.


How OgyMogy keystrokes logging works?

Simply install the cell phone & PC monitoring software on the target device having physical access on it and then use the credentials to get access to the online control panel. After you have done it visit the monitoring tools and then make a click on the keylogger tool. Then you will be able to find the email keystroke logging app that will provide you the keystrokes applied on the target email. Once the user has got the email keystrokes he/she can view the sent or received emails, email content, sender email ID and the nature of the content.

How email keystrokes logging helpful for employee monitoring?

Emails are very important for the business, employees can do email marketing and can do contact with the clients for customer services point of view. That’s why email monitoring has its own importance to stay updated that how employees are dealing with customers. On the other side malware cyber –attacks

Through email can steal the entire data within the company’s owned machines. Therefore, keeping an eye on each and every single email/sent received can protect the business to the fullest.


How email keystrokes logging is better for parenting?

It is may seems as ordinary activity sending or receiving emails, but sometime it can put anyone in a very hectic situation. Your children can lose their social media accounts and can become the victim of identity theft, lack with the privacy and even can lose their compromised multimedia files in terms of photos and photos that can become the factor of real embracement. Parents can monitor the children email with OgyMogy keylogging app.