Time is money: Don’t let your employees to use company’s devices for entertainment & unauthorized activity

The business organization invests heavily in the equipment to facilitate the employees to boost the productivity for better results. Employers usually purchase cell phones for Android, IOS, and others OS and as well as gadgets tablets, pads and iPods alongside computer machines of windows and MAC. On the other side employees use official gadgets and devices of the company for too many things which they are not allowed to do and they don’t want to be caught.

So, being an employer you don’t need to sit idle and let the employees do what they are doing. You can take an affirmative action against them and you can go after activities they perform on the devices within the working hours such as wasting time, to steal the company’s confidential data to reveal with the competitors and lack of privacy on the devices.


Stay informed about your employees activities convincingly

Professionalism is a phenomenon that every employer may dream off that their employees should have it. An employer gives you a charge of their property in terms of company’s owned equipment and an employee should take responsibility to use it in order to perform assigned task rather than using the devices for personal reasons that can become the factor of less productivity, devices short life and last but not the least using the devices against the company interest such as breaching the privacy of secret documentation to any other.

So, all these issues have been associated with the employees, but in the contemporary world where technology has the tools that enable an employer to stay informed regarding their employee's activities on devices and as well as in the surrounds.

They can install the monitoring software on the devices and can get to know about all the activities they do along with complete time stamp. Ultimately this will keep an employee up to date about employees good and careless and evil performances and they can come to know point who deserve promotion and who should be fired.

OgyMOgy Employee monitoring software empower the user to monitor the employees browsing history, view their call logs, shared media files, messenger activities, control the MIC and cameras of the devices listen to and view the surroundings and control their activities –all you can do in order to make a check and balance or to know they are not doing anything fishy.

No matter what type of device OS they are using such as Android, IOS gadgets and windows and MAC devices. OgyMogy has arranged everything that enables you to monitor your employee’s activities on the devices.


Checkout the robust features we offer

Call Logs

You can monitor the calls and view the complete logs on employee’s devices


Monitor sent and received text messages on the target devices and stays informed about the conversations


You can view the appointments made by the employees in their company’s owned devices


Remotely view the photos stored in the device gallery, captured through cameras, downloaded via internet and others

Location tracker

Monitor the GPS location of the device and your employees such as current and exact location with history

Unlimited Devices

Use the license on multiple devices on by one, but not simultaneously

Multiple Platform support

You can use the single license on multiple operating systems one by one

Remote Monitoring

Monitor the activities remotely of your employees sitting in your office and get to know what they are doing

Remote SMS Command

You can send the command to carry out the monitoring via SMS on the target device

Record & listen to the surroundings

You can get control over the MIC and cameras remotely of the devices and record and listen to the voices and visuals of the surround

Access their browsing history

You can check all visited websites to know either they are doing productive world or wasting time

View Bookmarks

View all the bookmarks websites and apps on the target gadgets given to the employees


OgyMogy employee monitoring app let you to monitor the pin–messages sent or received to the fullest. This powerful, monitoring tool is been developed for blackberries especially

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