What is Facebook Screen Recorder?

Facebook screen recording app empowers you to record target mobile phone screen when the target user is up to on Facebook messenger. Ultimately, user can get access to the messenger recording and get to know what sort of activities happens on the social media app.

Record Facebook Messenger Activities on Cellphone Screen


Are you looking forward the Facebook chat conversations happens on the target android mobile phone, then you just need to use the Facebook screen recording app and you can record target device screen activities when the messenger is activated. You can read the recorded chat conversation of the messenger to the fullest.


Monitor Facebook shared media such as photos and videos on the target android phone. You just need to get access to OgyMogy online control panel and activate the Facebook screen recorder and record the screen activities when Facebook social media app is activated on the device. User can get access to recording and get to know the reality.

Facebook Voice Messages

User can get to know when the target person has sent the Facebook Voice calls on the target android cell phone installed Facebook social media app. You can use Facebook screen recording app and can record screen activities when the target person is using instant messaging app on device screen.

Facebook screen recorder can discover Facebook activities on the target device

OgyMogy Facebook screen recording tool can provide you magical short to unveil the activities performed by the target user on the messenger. You can make short videos of the target mobile phone or computer device screen with Facebook screen recording and then it send the recorded stuff to the online control panel. User can get access to it and can view the screen recording in order to know entire activities.

  • Facebook messages
  • Chat conversations
  • Complete friend list, added, blocked & deleted activities
  • Shared media as photos & videos
  • Chat with time schedule

How Facebook screen recording works?

Install the cell phone & PC monitoring software o the target device having physical access and activate it once you have completed the procedure successfully. The use the passcode and ID that you have got at the time of subscription and then visit to the OgyMogy dashboard. Furthermore, you need to find out the Facebook screen recording tool and then you can send a push notification on the target device. Once it is received on the target device it will start screen recording of the target mobile phone screen when target user is using the messenger. It will send the screen recording to the online control panel that you can view by getting access to the online control panel.

How it is helpful for parenting?

Use of Facebook is neither a fever nor a fun, but it is undoubtedly an obsession and addiction that has been prevailed among the young generation. So, parents can get rid of Facebook dilemma and protect their kids and teens from all the legitimate dangers that can harm the children such as cyber bullying, cyber stalking and health issues. They can use OgyMogy screen recorder to monitor their screen activities in the shape of messenger and can fulfill their parenting job effectively and convincingly.