What is Hangout Spy App?

Hangout spy app can easily get access to the social media app hangout running on the target cell phone device and get all the activities happen on it. user can view Google hangout text messages sent or received, group chat conversations, shared media files such as photos and videos and last but not the least Google hangouts contacts, calls and friends list.

Get Google Hangout Logs with Hangout Monitoring App


You can monitor Google hangouts chat conversations and group conversations happens on the target device installed social messaging app. You just need to use the Hangout spy app on the target android mobile phone and get access into the territory of the messenger and get your hands on all text related conversations.

Shared Media

Google hangout enable a user to share multimedia such as photos, videos, Emojis and icons using the cell phone connected to the internet. Moreover, you can spy on all the above mentioned activities using the Hangout monitoring software and you can get access to the target social networking app running on the cellphone.


Hangout instant messaging app allow user to make contacts, calls and add friends in the friend list. So, you may look forward to spy on the above mentioned activities on the messenger running on the target mobile phone. You can use hangout spy software on your targeted device and then get access to it and monitor Hangout contacts, calls and friend list.

OgyMogy lets you to get ingress in the territory of Google hangout running on target device

OgyMogy monitoring app is the best of the best tool to record hangout calls, track messages, conversations and group chat happen on the messenger with the complete time stamp and with efficiency.

You can do magic with Hangout monitoring software

You can use Record hangout call feature on the rooted android device and in case of IOS device you need to jailbreak the target device. Then you will be able to spy on Google hangout social messaging app.
OgyMOgy lets you to:

  • Track sent & received Hangout text messages
  • View group chat & conversations
  • Get your hands on shared media files as photos and videos
  • See Google Hangout Contacts, Calls and friend list

How is OgyMogy Google Hangout monitoring app helpful?

Employers these days are really concerned about their employee’s time wasting activities and they don’t let them get entertained within the working hours using company-owned devices. However, same is the case with the parents that really want to know the kid’s Google hangout social messaging app activities on the cell phones and gadgets. Therefore, parents and employers can put their worries to rest with the use of the Hangout spy app that enables them to monitor all the activities happen on the messenger to the fullest.