What is HeadsUp Notifications?

Headsup notifications is high tech –tool of mobile phone monitoring software that allows knowing all the pop –messages on the screen about the status of the particular activity. You may receive messages on screen that message has sent or delivered or target user has received notification of incoming messages and others.

Track Headsup Notifications with Headsup Notification Monitoring App


If you are parents and you really want to know what the particular social messaging apps of your teens that have the most headsup notifications. You can use screenshots of the mobile phone spy app and can capture the screenshots remotely of the target device home screen. Then you will be able to know the instant messaging apps that have most of the headsup notifications.

Message Box

Parents can also get to know how many headsup notifications have been up to on the target device message by headsup notification spying app. You can do live screen recording of the target device when the user is up to the message box on the target device message box. Then you will get to know the number of messages received on the target device with the help of headsup notification.


Parents can even get to know the number of calls incoming that target cell phone user have not received and it has been appeared in the form of headsup notifications. All you need to use the screenshots of the cell phone spy app and capture the image of the screen including call logs.

Monitor Headsup Tickers notification with OgyMogy monitoring app and stay updated

You can use OgyMogy notifier and this will enable you to monitor all the headsup tickers notification at the time it pop –ups to the cell phone screen after every single activity performed such as text message has sent successfully and others.


How Headsup Tickers notification works?

Anything performed from the cell phone user side on the device such as sending text message, message of social media apps received then a pop up message usually seen on the device screen. OgyMogy notifier helps you out to monitor all the headsup/tickers notification received within no time.

  • Monitor Headsup Tickers notification
  • Check all the Tickers notification at single place
  • Monitor IM’s head up tickers notification

How Headsup Ticker notifications help users?

Using OgyMogy cell phone monitoring software parents will be able to have overall information of their kids and teens text messages and social media activities. They will be able to perform digital parenting according to the crucial detail about the cell phone use by monitoring headsup tickers notifications.