Kid’s monitoring has not been easy Make it easier with OgyMogy parenting App

OgyMogy parenting app without the shadow of the doubt a cushion for the parents that provide comfort when it comes kids monitoring. Parents can protect young kids and teens from stalkers, cyber bullies and accessing in appropriate content and the interactions with the strangers online using social messaging apps. OgyMogy android monitoring software can remotely get control over the target android devices of young kids and teens such as blocking phone calls, text messages and to control the internet remotely.


Make sure the safety of your kids when they are not at home

The days are gone when parents force their children to stay most of the time in the houses. Now even parents don’t want to restrict their kids in the home and it seems very unfair to do that anymore. Young kids want to explore the world fully, to hang out with peers at birthday parties, to visit different places, to take part in sports and to do fun with the opposite gender.

However, the protection of the children has become very necessary because they don’t have to ask their parents to make their plans to do all the above mentioned extra-curricular activities. They can use the cyberspace, instant messenger and share media using gadget connected to the internet. Therefore, security of your kids whether in real-life or cyber-life has become necessary and the OgyMody parenting app would be the ultimate reliable choice for the parents.

Keep a monitoring eye on kids 24/7

The criminal activities against kids are on the rise and molesters or pedophilia are always in the search to make the young fellow a victim of their lust. On the other side bullying in real life and cyber life is at their peak, bullying has gone beyond the schools' gates, and young children may get involved in certain activities that can put them into real danger such as drug abuse and plenty of other bad activities via digital activities. Make sure that your kids are safer than ever before and keep a monitoring eye on your kids with OgyMogy parenting software 24/7.


Don’t let your child to exploit by anyone with kids monitoring app

If you want to stay away from all the bad activities in the daily life and they should have a company of friends that can never put them into the dangerous activities such as crime, smoking, use of dangerous drugs. Parents are responsible for everything until the child has come to the adultery. Use OgyMogy parenting software in order to keep a hidden eye on their activities they do all day long in real-life or in the digital world with the use of mobile phone, tablets, iPods and computer machines.

OgyMoGy Best Kid's Monitoring Features

Call Logs

Monitor the calls and view call logs with complete time stamp


View text messages remotely sent or received


Monitor contact list of the target cellphones and gadgets with names if saved


See the appointments your child has made on the device notes or calendars


See the photos remotely stored in the device, captured through camera or downloaded through internet

Location tracker

Track GPS location of the target device and the user with GPS location tracker

Unlimited Device Switch

Use your monitoring license on unlimited devices one by one

Multiple Platform support

Single license can be used for different OS of the devices one by one

Remote Monitoring

Remotely control the target device and do monitoring convincingly

Remote SMS Command

Send the command remotely on the target gadgets via SMS to initiate the monitoring process

Record & listen to the surrounds Live

Record and listen to the surrounds in real-time by controlling the MIC and camera

Access their files

Go the multimedia files stored in the target device memory to the fullest


Monitor all the iMessages sent or received on the target device and gadgets

Access their browsing History

View all the activities user has performed on the target devices and gadgets such as visited websites

View the bookmarks

View all the bookmarks websites and apps on the target device


OgyMogy enable a user to monitor sent or received Pin messages, it’s been developed for blackberries user that can be acquired through OgyMogy blackberries app

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