What is Line Screen Recorder?

Line screen recording software is a tool that helps you out to record the screen of the target mobile phone device in terms of back to back short videos when user is up to the line instant messaging app. However, user can view the line recording and get to know what is happening on it with time stamp.

Record Line Messenger Activities on The Target Mobile Phone

Chat Conversations

You can record and monitor Line chat conversations and group conversations on the target android device using the line screen recorder. You just need to activate it having access to web portal of the OgyMogy cell phone spy app and then record the cell phone screen when the target user is up to the line messenger.

View Profile

You can view the complete profile detailed information of the target user line instant messaging app account running on the android mobile phone screen by using the screen recording software. It empowers you to record target device screen activities in short videos that you can view by getting access to online control panel of OgyMogy cell phone monitoring app.

Shared Media

No matter what multimedia has been shared on the Line instant messaging app, the line screen recorder software brings you all activities by making the short videos of the screen running on target device screen. You can get access to the recording having access to web portal of the mobile phone monitoring app.

You can do live screen recording of the target device screen when line instant messaging app is being activated

OgyMogy line screen recording enables a user to make short videos of the target mobile phone screen when the messenger is running on it. The recorded screen videos will go through the online control panel where a user can get access and can view the activities online social instant messaging app.

With the Line live screen recording you can:
  • Record chat conversations & group conversations
  • See the complete profiles and names
  • Shared multimedia files
  • Status Updates
  • Record audio & video conversations logs

How live line screen recording app works?

Initially, you have to install the OgyMogy live screen recorder on the target mobile phone device and when you have ended up with, you need to get access to the online control panel. Furthermore, you need to visit the live line screen recorder tool and use it to record group’s chats, logs of audio and video conversations and other activities of the line social messaging app to the fullest.

How live line screen recording helpful for parenting?

Parents who are always concerned about kids and teens social media activities and the vulnerabilities involved in it. They can easily monitor the line messenger on the target device using the live screen recording tool and can view all the activities happen on the social networking app line convincingly and can record chat conversations, see profile, shared media such as photos and videos and can record audio and video conversations.