What is Live Camera Streaming?

Ogymogy live camera streaming empower the user to remotely get control over the target mobile phone device back and front camera. It further allows users get the video streaming of the surrounds of target device in real-time.

Real-time Monitoring of Device Surround Visuals with Camera Streaming App

Connect target device Camera

Install the OgyMOgy cell phone spy app on the target device and then connect the target device camera with the help of live camera streaming software. Then you will be able view live visuals of the target device camera and you will keep an eye on kids and teens.

Live Control phone camera

User can remotely control phone camera in real time of the target device of kids and teens or employees with the use of live camera streaming software. Once you have live camera streaming of the target mobile phone, then get to know what your kids or employees are up to.

Live spy camera streaming

No matter what your kids and employees are doing behind your back you can remotely spy their activities. Live spy camera streaming enables to monitor kids and teens in real–time by getting control over their device camera with the use of OgyMOgy live camera streaming app.

Ogy360 app for live camera streaming spy enable user to view surround visuals having control over back & front cameras of the target device in real-time

Now you can view and listen to the camera surround visuals of the target device by getting control over the target cell phone device front and back camera in real-time and get to know what is happening out there. All you need to do is to use Ogy360 live camera monitoring app on the target device.

  • Real –time streaming of target cell phone surrounds
  • Get video visuals along with audio voice

How Ogy360 live camera monitoring app works?

Initial and crucial step you need to take is to subscribe for the cell phone monitoring app and then you will get the credentials via email. Then you need to have physical access on the target cell phone device to install the camera monitoring app. The moment you have ended up with installation, you need to get access to the online control panel and go to the Ogy360 and choose live camera streaming. Then use the secret camera dashboard and connect to the target cellphone back and front camera and finally you will have real-time surround visuals alongside the audio of the surround.

Ogy360 live camera streaming for parenting

No matter what your kids and teens are doing in your absence, there is no doubt parents feel concerned when they don’t come to the house at given time. Now parents can keep their naked eye on their children 24/7 and put worries to rest with the help of ogy360 live camera monitoring app. It enable user to view the surround visuals along with the audio and let user know what the target is doing and talking about. That’s why parents can protect their children to the fullest if they are on wrong path such as blind dating, sexual encounters and drug abuse. However, parents can stop their children to become a victim of stalkers, pedophiles and from sexual predators.


Ogy360 live camera streaming against employees

Wasting time within the working hours and then pretending in front of employers that the work load is massive is a very common phenomenon that employees does in the offices. Now they cannot do anymore. Because they can monitored through their company owned devices and employer can take them into account whenever they want by using the Ogy360 live camera streaming app. It enable employers to view and listen the surround visuals when they are not present in their office and remotely get to know who is serious in their work and who is wasting time within the working hours.