What is Mark Restricted Areas?

Mark restricted areas is the powerful tool of the phone spy app for android that allow user to crate Geo fence at certain place and restrict place for the target to not get out of that particular area. In case the user gets out from the fence, end user will get alerts instantly.

Mark Restricted Areas with GPS Location Tracking App


If you are parent and you want to monitor your children location and you want to know what place he/she should visit and particular one they should not. Then you need to mark restricted areas by using the GPS location tracker app and define boundaries of their children and get to know if they are within the marked areas or they have breached the defined boundaries.


After you have used GPS location tracking software and you already have marked restricted areas or you have pre –defined the boundaries for your target. Then the moment your target steps out of the defined geo –graphical boundary you will get alerts that your target has gone beyond the restricted place.

Notification via SMS/email

Cell phone spy software empowers the user to track the GPS location of the target device and mark restricted areas. However, the moment target person has get out from the restricted place; users will be informed via SMS or email notifications.

Once the target cross restricted place get instant alerts

OgyMogy Geo –fencing enable a user to set geographic restricted places on a MAP placed into your online control panel powered by cell phone tracker app. Furthermore, it will provide you instant alert at the very moment target person has breached the restricted place that you have set on the online control panel. But before all that process GPS location tracker software need to be installed on the target device. Then you need to use the mark restricted area tool of the android phone tracker.

  • Fix the boundaries and then mark restricted areas for your target using dashboard
  • Get instant alerts when the target is going to breach your restricted area
  • Make a choice either you want informed via email and SMS or with both.

How OgyMogy Geo –fencing (mark restricted places) help users?

If you want to know where your kids and teens are present at the moment and either they are abiding your advice by not visiting the places you gave pre-defined to be restricted for them or not. However employers can also use it against the employees who used pay official visit out the city or outside the premises of the company. You can get to know either your employees following your orders or leaving the place before time where you have sent them for meeting the clients.