What is Mark Safe Area?

Mark safe areas is the high –tech tool of the GPS location tracker the enable a user to make safe areas for the target that are safe and sound on the GPS map. Once the user get out from the fence of the safe area end user will get the alerts instantly.

Define Safe Boundaries for Your Target with Location Tracking App

Save Boundaries

You can mark safe areas for your children and even for your employees working in the field you can use GPS location tracking app and get to know the exact and current location. It will enable parents and employers to stay informed that kids are in safe areas and employees are up to work rather than wasting time here and there respectively.

Get Notification

Once you have pre –defined the save boundaries for your target by using the GPS location tracker tool of the OgyMogy cell phone monitoring app. Then you will get alerts when your target person or device in the save area and you can get alert notification.

Alerts via email/SMS

It’s up to the parents and employers that how they want to know that their children are in save areas or in prohibited areas after they have used GPS location tracking app on the target phone. They can choose alerts through SMS or email in order to know where children are present either in the restricted area or in the save one.

Simply you can have a watchdog of your own because the beautiful seems world is never the same in reality. Parents have to look after their kids and teens in order to protect them from all the ultimate dangers. They can be trapped by the predators such as pedophiles, stalkers and sexual abusers and even by the bullies.

On the other hand parents need to stay informed when it comes to confirmation of the children either they are present at the certain place such as school and play grounds where parents have just dropped them. OgyMogy cell phone monitoring software ensure the parents to get to know either young kids and teens are present at the safe areas or they are going to breach the safe one and going to enter in restricted ones. One of the reliable and powerful tools the monitoring app has offered for the users is mark safe areas.


How OgyMogy Geo –Fencing (mark safe areas) works?

All you need to do is to the get subscription and you will receive an email that contains the credentials. Remember before subscription you need to make sure that your target device is fully compatible with your android tracker. Then use the credentials and get access to the online control panel and go to the powerful features such as mark safe areas tool. Then you can do the following:

  • Using the control panel and on the map mark the safe areas for your target
  • If the target is going to cross safe areas you will be informed instantly
  • You will be informed via email, SMS and with both

Having such a powerful and exciting feature you can monitor your children location, can take care of your grandparents who cannot take care of themselves and even of your other loved ones.


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