OgyMOgy parental control app is for what?

OgyMOgy is basically multifunctional parental monitoring application that is packed with the best parental control tools that enable end user to monitor activities happen on children devices. Simply install OgyMOgy parent app on your target devices and put your parenting worries to rest.

  • Parents can monitor call logs, contacts, shared media like photos and videos
  • Monitor all social media instant messengers chats, conversations and Voice messages
  • Track current location, location history, and Geofencing
  • Record calls incoming and outgoing
  • block websites and view installed apps
  • Remotely remove or retrieve data from the target device
  • Track keystrokes applied on target cellphone and PC
  • Get user –friendly reports of children activities on windows computer
  • Perform screen recording of MAC desktop devices
  • Use sync settings of MAC parental control app to “ON” or “OFF” features functionality

Track instant messengers with OgyMOgy parental monitoring software

Set parental control on your children Android phones, iPads and on windows and MAC machines, and remotely track social messaging apps chats, shared media files, text conversations, audio and video conversations and Voice calls. OgyMOgy social media parenting app is the ultimate and reliable tool to monitor instant messaging apps on children cellphones running with android and IOs operating system. You can monitor Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, Yahoo, Line and plenty of others alike with great accuracy and efficiency on cellphones and PC such as skype and line messenger.


Parents can remotely control kid’s cellphones & computers

Lock unlock device remotely

When it comes to parents hard to convince their teens and children to leave their device idle and go to sleep at night. Then they simply can use remotely lock the device and easily turned them to sleep and later can unlock the device by using the android parental monitoring software.

Record phone calls remotely

Parents can get to know to whom their teens were making incoming and outgoing calls secretly sitting in their room by using the secret call recorder of the OgyMogy cellphone parenting app.

Remote screen recorder

The user can perform live screen recording of all the activities kids and teens have performed on their target mobile phones and gadgets screen in real time by setting up parental controls of OgyMogy remote screen recorder.

Listen microphone surroundings remotely

Apart from digital activities, real-life activities are more important to impose monitoring on. Parents can remotely get control over the target device MIC and can record surround sounds and conversation with the complete time stamp by using OgyMOgy best parental control app for androids cellphones and tablets.

Remote data backup

The user can create a backup of all the data stored in the target devices by using the data backup app of best parental monitoring. However, the user can remotely wipe out all the private data in the device that has been theft or lost.

Remotely captures screenshots

The user can remotely capture screenshots of activities happen on target devices screen by applying different time intervals to make multiple screenshots on target android and IOS device using the OgyMogy cellphone parenting software.

Block text messages while driving

Parents can block all the text messages sent or received when their teens are driving vehicle in order to protect them to have an accident.

Block incoming calls remotely of strangers

OgyMogy parenting app for children allows parents to remotely block all the incoming calls on the kids and teens cell phone devices. This will help out parents to protect teens to engage with stalkers and have hookup relationships.

Block internet while driving & block apps

OgyMOgy parental control solution has the power to block internet access on the target device when teens are driving. However, it does not necessary for parents to use it on teen’s device while they are driving. Parents can change their monitoring preferences and block internet connectivity on the target cell phone device to block all the apps running on the phone that needs internet such as social messaging apps.

Remote MIC bug & camera Bug

A user can remotely get control over target MAC device and can listen to the surround conversations to the fullest by using the best MAC parental control software. However, the user can also remotely get control over the target MAC laptop device front camera and get to know when teens or kids up to their MAC computer machines.

Block websites on windows & MAC remotely

The user can use computer parental control app for Windows and MAC and remotely block all the inappropriate websites and apps. All you need to do is to put the URLs of the websites into the filters.

Remote MAC screen recording

Parents can make back to back short videos of the screen by using the screen recording app of MAC parenting software and can view the recording getting access to the online control panel.

Real-time monitoring of windows

You can set parental control in real –time on Windows laptops and desktop devices and get to know all the activities performed by kids and teens.


Parents can track GPS location & set Geo Fencing

  • Parents can track exact and current GPS location with OgyMOgy GPS location tracker of cellphones, gadgets and computer machines
  • User can track location history such as weekly location history with time stamp of target mobile phones
  • User can mark safe areas for children by using Geo fencing
  • You can mark restricted areas for teens using Geo-fencing and get alerts when teen’s cross the created fence

Parents can view installed apps on children devices

Mobile phone parental control software empowers the users to view the list of all the installed apps on target android cellphone and gadgets and can set parental control preferences. End users can remotely un-install the parenting software for Android in case the target device has already rooted. However, a user can also view the list of the installed apps and the apps are connected to the internet on non-jailbreak iPhone using the OgyMOgy non-jailbreak solution for IOS devices. Moreover, user can use windows parental control on PCs and get to know about the visited apps and websites and can set alarms on the most frequent activities performed by teens on computer device.


Cellphone & computer parenting app installation process

Every single OS has different installation process. Therefore, make a click on the following links to know installation process OgyMOgy parenting software you are looking for.

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