What is Remotely Pause and Start Application?

Remotely pause and start application is the remote control tool of the cell phone monitoring app for android. It allows end users to remotely pause or start the cellphone spy app installed on the target device. It means end user can stop or start the usage of the monitoring app whenever needed.

Remote Pause or Start the Application on the Target Android Device

Access to Installed Applications

User can use android remotely controller of the cell phone spy app on the target device and get access to all the installed apps by sending a push notification on target device. Once the notification received on the targeted device you can view all installed applications.

Pause/Start Applications

You can remotely pause or start the particular apps that you don’t let your children to use it on their mobile phones. So if you have already installed the phone spy app for android on the target device. Then you can simply get access to the ogymogy web portal and send command on the target device to pause or start the particular apps remotely for parenting point of view.

Currently Used Applications

You can get to know the particular apps that are currently being used on the target cell phone device with the use of remotely phone controller for android. It will provide you access to the target device and get to know the particular apps being activated on the target cell phone.

Remotely pause or start the application on the target cell phone

Without the shadow of the doubt someone has quoted truly and sensibly that the planet world earth has become the planet of smartphones and gadgets. Today we have seen people using the cell phone of android all day long and seem quite busy using the modern piece of tech.

Today even the parents have to provide the mobile phone to the young children and they use number of application on their devices and on the other hands in the business organizations employers has provided the smartphones for having a piece of communication with the employees and employers when needed.


The android cell phones and gadgets are nothing if they don’t contain cell phone apps. But on the other hand technology has also come up with cell phone monitoring tools that enable a user to remotely pause or start the apps on the target device for parenting and employee monitoring purposes.

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages and the same is the case with contemporary cell phone technology. Parents have to top their children or employees have to stop their employees using certain apps on the android phones. So, they can use the OgyMogy remote pause or start application to prevent all the disadvantages.

Having cell phone monitoring app for android you can do with that

  • View the list of all the applications installed on the target phone
  • View the apps that are running on the target android phone
  • Start or pause the application installed on the target phone
  • View the apps used most of the times
  • View all the target user related data on its phone with online control panel having stable internet

This particular tool is very handy for the users that are worried about their kids and teens use of instant messaging apps and others apps that could be risky for them. On the other hands employers who are fed up with the use of entertaining apps on the company’s owned cell phones and gadgets by the employees. Parents and employees can use the cell phone monitoring app tool remote pause or start the app and they can protect their kids and teens and stop their employees to waste time on their devices respectively.