What is Spy Screenshots?

Screenshots spying gets you the update of all the activities happen on the target mobile phones and gadgets screen. User can remotely captures screenshots and get to know the activities on the target device screen and stay updated. However, users can multiple time intervals to capture screenshots.

Remotely Capture Screenshots of Target Device with Screenshot App

and Tablet

User can capture Screenshots remotely on the target device of android or tablet by using the screenshots spy app. The captured images can be viewed having access to the online control panel of the phone spy app installed on the target mobile phone device.

15 Seconds

You can put your screenshot activity on schedule and after every 15 seconds, user can remotely capture Screenshots of all the activities happen on the target device screen. You can get screenshots of messages, chat conversations, shared media and other activities with complete time stamp.

Uploaded via Web Portal

Once you have installed the phone spy app for android on the target cell phone device and then you have activate screenshot spy tool and captured the images on the target device screen. Then all the images will be uploaded to the online control panel where you have got the access and you can get your eyes on.

Remotely capture Screenshots of all the activities happen to the target device

Sometime we have to have evidence of the activities the target person has performed on the target device. Therefore, OgyMogy cell phone monitoring software has come up with the piece of technology that is known as Screenshots tool. It enable user to remotely capture Screenshots of the activities. But the questions arises how is it possible to remotely this type activity. So, Screenshots monitoring app has made its way to the next level.


How OgyMogy Screenshots works?

It’s very user-friendly tool and user can easily get Screenshots remotely on target device. How you can use it?

  • Initially get OgyMogy cell phones monitoring software subscription
  • Target device need to have stable internet connection
  • Install OgyMogy monitoring app on the android target device
  • Remotely capture screenshots on the target device through online control panel
  • Store the captured screenshots to the online control panel
  • You can set the time interval of capturing screenshots of every 15 seconds

How OgyMogy cell phone monitoring app Screenshots are helpful?

Young kids and teens usually perform their activities on the cell phone such as accessing to the inappropriate content, encounter with the online predators and do blind dates and bad activities such as sexting. Parents can remotely capture screenshots on the target device and get to know the activities they perform on the digital world. This will help out parents to protect their kids and teens have documented proof of their activities. On the other hand, employers can also get to know the activities employees does on the company’s owned cell phones of android and come to know either they are working properly or just wasting time within the working hours.