What is Tinder Spy App?

Tinder spy app is the best parenting tool for parents that empower them to monitor dating app logs to the fullest. It enables a user to view swipe for making friends, text messages and text conversations, all added friends and last but not the least photos, videos and audios. You can get all the logs having access to the web portal of the Ogymogy cell phone spy software.

Track Dating App with Tinder Monitoring Software

Swipe for Making Friends

Dating app provide user state of the art tools such swipe for making friends that enable a user to find out the perfect match for the dating purpose. So, parents are concerned about teen’s blind dating and they can use Tinder spy app and can monitor their swipe activities and other ones to stop them to have blind date with strangers and stalkers.


Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps and it has fascinated the young teens worldwide. User can do text messages and text conversations with the perfect match. However, parents can monitor Tinder activities of teens with Tinder monitoring app and get access to the text conversations and messages to the fullest.


Teens can share their photos, videos, emotions and other stuff while having text conversations with their perfect match on tinder dating app. On the other hand, if parents are concerned over it then they can spy on the Tinder social messaging app and get access into it and can easily track shared media on the target android cellphone of teens.

Monitor Tinder dating app and protect your teens from blind dating activities

OgyMogy Tinder monitoring app enable a user to view all the activities happen on the target cell phone of android running with the dating app. You can remotely view the chat conversations; group conversations shared media and a complete friend list of the target person on its tinder social messaging app account.


How OgyMOgy Tinder monitoring app works?

There is no doubt about that it is one of the most popular instant messaging apps that is been used for particularly dating purposes. Therefore, who want to monitor the social messaging or dating app due to some odd reasons they have to deal with certain methods. If the target device is android OS then user have to root the target device. incase user have to deal with the IOS device, then it needs to be jailbroken then you will be able to monitor all the activities of your target person on its target android or ios device to the fullest.

How Tinder Monitoring app works?

It is one of the most popular dating apps these days and if you want to view someone’s activities on target phone of the tinder then having said that root android and jailbreak IOS device. Then you can view the following stuff.

  • Swipe for making friends
  • Messages and text conversation sent or received
  • View stickers, Emojis and emotions
  • Added friends
  • Shared media such as photos, videos and audios

How OgyMogy Tinder monitoring app is best for parenting?

Parents can protect their kids and teens to become the victim of sexual predators and get to know to whom your child is going to have blind date. You can get to know all the activities of the teens such as conversations and text messages sent or received prior to the meeting of your teen with strangers. OgyMogy Tinder monitoring app is always help out parents to prevent kids and teens to be exploit or groomed by any online predator.