What is OgyMOgy Internet Browsing History?

Internet browsing history is the best tool of the mobile phone spy app and enable user to get access to the target device installed browser and get to know all the visited websites and URLs with complete time stamp. It is best of the best monitoring tool for setting parental control on the children cell phone devices in order to stay updated their online activities when target device connected to the internet.

Monitor Browsing History of the Target Phone with Internet Spy App


You can monitor all the visited websites on the target cell phone device and you can view each and every single URL been visited. You just need to use the internet browsing history of the OgyMOgy mobile phone spy software and you will see all the convenient information stored on your online dashboard.


Cell phone spy software empowers the user to monitor target android cell phone device web activities and you can monitor browsers such as Chrome, Explorer, Fox, Opera Mini, and Safari. It means it is good for parents to set parental control in children’s digital activities.

Time Stamp

No matter how many websites and URLs have been visited on the target device and what sort of browser have used to perform web activities. User can get complete time stamp of each and every single activity by using the browsing history of phone spy app for android.

OgyMOgy Browsing History monitoring app

OgMogy browsing history logs monitoring software empower users to monitor the target cell phone’s web activities. So, user can remotely view the activities being performed by the target mobile user on its android cellphone browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Explorer, Opera Mini and Fox.

  • View the visited websites on the installed target mobile phone browser
  • Take a look on each ULR is that has opened on the target device
  • View how many times a single website has opened by the target user
  • Simple get your hands on all the information being stored in the online control panel of the android monitoring app

How OgyMogy Broswer monitoring app is useful for users?

Cyberspace is huge world. If you want to know someone’s activities on the cell phone web than you can use browsing history monitoring software. It will enable user to view all the activities happen on the target device browser with complete time stamp.