What is View Saved Photos?

View saved photos enable a user to remotely get access to the target device gallery and can view all the saved photos. When it comes to parenting the particular feature is very helpful for parents to get to know what sort of photos that have captured and this will help out parents to prevent self –obscenity.

You can View Stored Photos in Target Cellphone Gallery

Messengers Photos

You can get your hands on all the photos target android user have received via instant messaging apps MMS and email. You can view save photos to the fullest by using the photos spy app on the target mobile phone device.

Camera Roll

You can even get the photos stored in your target device cell phone gallery captured through camera. It means you can view all save photos that have been captured through android cell phone back and front camera by using the cell phone monitoring app for android.


No matter how many photos you have downloaded on your target mobile phone gallery. Once you have install the cell phone spy software on the target mobile phone and get access to the online control panel and activate the view save photos tools. Then you can discover the photos downloaded on the target device to the fullest.

View multimedia on the target android phone with OgyMogy photos monitoring app

Ogymogy photos monitoring software empower the user to view all the photos stored in the cell phone of android gallery. Parents can view what sort of photos kids have stored in their mobile phones.

  • View photos they have captured through device camera
  • Photos they have downloaded
  • Photos they have received via MMS
  • Other multimedia files including music files and videos

How it is helpful for the users?

Parents can use the photo monitoring software in order to keep an eye on their kids and teens captured photos stored in their devices. Employers can get to know if the employees have taken images or photos of the private data in their cell phone gallery to avoid any misshape such as breach of confidential company’s owned data.